Sunday, May 2, 2010

May Classic 5K

Ugh! I thought racing a 5K a month out from my marathon would be a good idea! 3.1 miles isn't that far after all. I've had a lot of thoughts going through my head since the race ended and I still have mixed feelings. I'm happy with how I finished. Not ecstatic, but happy! It'll do for now. I know I have a lot better in me ... but, yesterday I just couldn't go any faster.

Training for marathons is different. On the majority of your runs, you find a pace that is comfortable (breathing wise). As the miles add up, your legs get tired and tight. But, more often than not, you aren't out of breath.

Even with hitting the track up EVERY week for the past four months, I was still out of breath! I'm not going to lie, I seriously wanted to quit after mile 1. This is when I realized that I could definitely gone faster and pushed harder, but I was not mentally ready for a 5K. 5K's are a completely different animal than marathons!

I've had lots of comments on the race and everyone said I should have started slower - meaning, I would have a more enjoyable time and maybe not had positive splits. I'll have to disagree. Next time, I want to start at the same pace and maintain it for longer. Everything I've done over the past four months (track workouts) indicate that I can run a sub 21 time. I don't need to pace slower ... I need to toughen up and run harder! :)

6:44 - First Mile
7:24 - Second Mile
7:54 - Third Mile
:32 - .1 (6:10 pace)
22:35 official time

I was lucky enough to have some friends come and watch the race. They had a camera - so, when I get a hold of the pictures, I will post! :)


  1. While you may not be thrilled with your time it was probably a great way to break of the monotonous marathon training...Also, I don't know where you were running but here in the north east, it was a scorcher, which also may have contributed to a slower time...
    Worst case scenario, it was a great training run!

  2. Cute blog, just found it! Great run!