Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Taper Time

I got my new schedule from my coach yesterday! It's taper time .... and let's let the taper begin! It's probably a good thing that I actually have a taper schedule this time around b/c usually I cut back a ton on my running! Oops!

Never fear, though ... he holds me accountable, so I'll be completing all of my scheduled taper runs - including 15 miles this weekend (I usually only run 12). Maybe I tapered too much for NYC and San Francisco and Arizona .... actually, there is no maybe - I did. I've looked through my training logs. So, I'm excited this time around - tapering with structure.

Let the taper begin!

Monday - Easy 5
Tuesday - Easy 7
Wednesday - Track
Thursday - Easy 7
Friday - OFF
Saturday - 8 easy, 7 at goal pace
Sunday - OFF

Total - 34 miles + track (typically around 5 miles total)

No pics today! But, I'll have a track post for you in the morning!! :)

1 comment:

  1. I usually taper too much too...
    And of course you like Kara because we're twins! My dad is coming to watch the race and I told him to forget about taking pictures of me, just get Kara!