Monday, May 10, 2010

20 Miler Done!

I don't know that I will ever get used to my alarm going off at 4AM. I probably should have set it earlier, but 3:xx am just doesn't even sound right. So, the plan was to be up at 4AM and out the door by 4:30-4:40 so that I could be running by 5AM. Easy enough, right?!

Everything was ready the night before - clothes layed out, garmin charged and the coffee delay was set! I was even in bed by 9:30 and asleep by 10PM.

4AM threw my routine off a little, but everything went as planned and I was indeed running by 5AM! For breakfast, I ate a chocolate chip cookie and had coffee - probably not the best start to my day but it I justified it - cookies are carbs after all and I was about to burn a ton of calories.

I met up with Ryan, a running friend from track. We started off nice and easy and I decided not to look at my watch until after the first mile. It's nice to run without looking at your watch. I really tried the entire run to not stress about the splits. Technically, I was supposed to run 5 easy, 5 at goal pace, 5 easy and 5 at goal pace. I threw in a couple of good miles when I felt like it, but otherwise I just kept it easy.

My splits were:



I didn't carry water (don't yell)! I know! But, I did stop at least six times (all quickly) at every water fountain I found. I even gelled three times which is a lot for me! I was drenched (from the humidity) within the first half a mile and when I finallylooped back around to my car (around mile 11), I ditched my shirt. No matter how thin or dry fit a tanktop is, it is no match for the humidity. I'm going to have to learn how to suck it up and run in my sports bra living in FL.

I got a side stitch around mile 18. Otherwise, I was feeling like picking it up but couldn't run any faster. Stupid side stitch!

It felt really good to get this run under my belt! Total time was 3:00:39 (9:02 avg pace). I'm the biggest advocate of the taper but still have the common post 20 mile thoughts. Everything about this run went great, but how am I going to take off 30-45 seconds per mile!!! Believe, Jaime, believe!! :)

22 miler on Saturday and then I'll be tapering ... be prepared for grouchiness. Just kidding. Believe it or not, I'm going to be starting even earlier (I've recruited two 11 miler shifts - I have good friends). I can learn to live with this heat and humidity because nothing beats running for hours on end and then heading to the beach!

Happy Monday, all! :) Congrats to everything that raced this weekend.


  1. Wow girl, you are dedicated! It is no problem to scan the chart. I just went to do it and its in a different book than I thought. The other book must be at my parents house so as soon as I locate it I will send it to you! Awesome run, as usual!

  2. Hi Jaime,
    I'm new to your blog, so I'm wondering when and where you're running a marathon. Coffee is a must have prior to any run, in my opinion. I usually eat a couple of english muffins rather than a chocolate chip cookie! Congrats on a great run. So nice that you have people to run with so early in the morning. I give you credit for running in the heat and humidity of Florida. I whine and complain when it gets to 80 degrees here and I have to run! By the way, I found you through Keri's blog, in case you're wondering.

  3. Awesome Run! Sounds like you handled the weather great! You will definitely learn there is no shame of running in just a sports bra, shirts become useless when you sweat through them in the 1st mile!
    Keep the faith in yourself and training, you are awesome and ready for this race!