Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Love me some TRACK!!!

Guess what today is . . . WEDNESDAY! And, you all know what Wednesday means ... TRACK! It's no surprise that track is my favorite workout of the week! It just leaves me in such a good mood all day! One of those moods where everything in the world seems right (even if for only a moment) and you just can't help but smile!

I was surprised with the workout today! It seemed a little short. Typically, our workouts total 3-3.5 miles in speed plus an optional mile. Today, it was slightly less, but that doesn't mean it was any easier!

400 400 400 1600 400 400 400 Opt. 1600

We rest roughly a minute after all of the 400's and I think we got a 3 1/2 minute break after the mile.

Expected Times: 1:41 for the 400's and 6:56 for the mile (Opt. Mile was supposed to be in 7:05).

Actual Times: 98 96 96 6:41 96 94 86 6:57

**Disclaimer (because I can): My Garmin read 6:36 for the mile. I know it's all relative but it's never read faster than 6:38 so I was excited! I'll still take the 6:41 though! :)

Some of the girls were out kicking me in practice today, but I still exceeded the times besides I ran a 20 miler last Saturday and have 22 miles this week. All things considered, I'll take this workout but you better believe that I'm excited to see what I can do on fresh legs!!! :)

It's an easy 7 miler tomorrow morning and then 22 on Saturday. I'm quickly approaching the taper point .... Watch out San Diego because I am getting ready ....

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