Monday, June 28, 2010

Marathon Pace + miles

For San Diego, I would have to say that I followed my marathon training schedule almost perfectly (16 weeks). Though, now looking back at it, I have to disagree with that statement. I followed my marathon schedule almost perfectly if you look at the mileage! When really analyzing it, though, I made some shortcuts! Not intentionally, of course! Some of my Monday tempos were ran on treadmills and most of my Saturday long runs were run at an "easy" pace. I kind of ignored a lot of the "goal marathon pace" or "faster than goal marathon pace" miles at the end. For example, if a 15 mile long run may say: 8 miles easy, 7 miles at 8:00. So, I would run 15 miles. Which . . . leads me to this --> I still pr'ed in San Diego but I had zero kick! After 18 miles at goal marathon pace, my body wanted to resort back to a 9:15-10:00 mile to finish.

My thought is that this time around I will really focus on my tempos (running them outside) and doing my best to run those goal marathon pace (faster) miles at the end of my long run!

My last two workouts were pretty successful:

Saturday: 6 miles easy, 5 miles at 8:00
Actual: 8:34, 8:48, 8:39, 8:39, 8:53, 9:07, 8:16, 8:09, 8:15, 7:54, 7:40

* I started this run at 5:30AM and actually felt pretty good but was nervous that my easy miles were what they were (hence my 9:07)! Hey, I had to save some energy!! Speaking of which, this was TOUGH! Those last five miles kicked my butt ... not quite sure how I pulled off the last two! When I finished I was slightly dizzy and needed some water and chocolate milk asap! It was such a great feeling to finish this run and actually add in those quick miles, despite the 90% humidity!! Total time: 1:32:56 (8:26 average pace).

Monday: 1 mile easy, 8:15, 8:10, 8:05, 8:00, 7:55, 1 mile easy for a total of 7 miles
Actual: 9:13, 8:11, 7:57, 8:04, 7:59, 7:46, 9:37

* I was so nervous about this workout! I watched my garmin like crazy to make sure that I was on pace every half of mile. I won't lie, this one was tough, too! But, it felt nice to start off my week with this run! Total time: 58:51

I think the key to being successful will be to really run easy on Tuesday and Thursdays. It's going to be the only way that I'll be able to keep hitting my times in my tempos and long runs and at track!!

I also wore my heart rate monitor for both of these runs. It's kind of cool to look back at that data. I don't have anything to compare it to for now, but I think will be neat in a month or so to look back at it.

Do you add in goal marathon miles to the end of your long runs or do you simply run for mileage?

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Love Love Love Love Track!!!

It's true and you already know it, so since there isn't any way to disguise it in the title, I may as well just scream it ... I heart speedwork :)

And ... not going to brag at all here, because the moment I do, I'm going to jinx myself ... but, I think I'm beginning to learn how to run in this Florida heat/humidity!

Yesterday was a good day for running (= humidity not at it's normal 98%). These were my two options for track:

6:30AM: 78 degrees, feels like 78 degrees with 87% humidity

6:30PM: 93 degrees, feels like 97 degrees with 44% humidity

95% of the time I choose the humidity over the heat and yesterday was a reminder of why! I decided to ignore my alarm clock (after all I did wake up at 4:30AM on Monday and Tuesday and needed a break) and run the night practice after work! Great workout ... but the sun is killer!!!

Workout: 400 800 400 1200 400 1600 Opt. 1600

Expected Times: 1:41 for 400's, 3:26 for 800, 5:09 for 1200 and 6:52 for the 1600

I've basically been in the same group since I started, so I don't get scared of my times anymore. I usually exceed them ... but this workout scared me a tad! See, I usually push myself (1:31's for 400's 3:18's for 800's sub 5:00 1200's 6:40ish miles) ... but coach kept saying that the key to this workout was pacing the 400's and going too hard. He said the heat was brutal and the goal was to keep the 800, 1200 and 1600 at the same pace. Basically, we had to run the mile at the same pace as the 800 and 1200! So, even though at the beginning of the workout when I wanted to run faster, I tried to keep on pace so that I could hit that last 1600!

My times: 1:35, 3:26, 1:41, 5:02, 1:41, 6:48

I was very proud (AND I FINALLY GET TO MOVE UP TO A FASTER GROUP NEXT WEEK)!!!!! The heat was brutal ... a lot of people did not make their times on the 1200 and 1600 :( I was very happy that I have finally learned the importance of pacing! It was nice to finish strong! No optional mile for me. I'll start it back in the next week or two!

Love the track ... even in the heat! :)

Monday, June 21, 2010

It's a Tempo kind of Monday!

When my alarm went off at 4:30AM this morning, I was actually pretty excited! I have a new schedule and it's redemption time! I met a group of runners at 5:30AM and though our schedules were all slightly different, I did manage to find some running partners for most of my run!

My schedule called for 2 miles easy, 3 miles at 7:45, 2 miles easy (for a total of 7 miles). For the most part, we stayed together as a group for our easy miles: 9:09, 9:20. Then, we all took off for our tempo paces. I don't know that I'll ever get tired of watching the sun come up over the bay. It's so beautiful! Even with the 98% humidity most mornings, I feel so lucky to live on the Bay! I tempoed alone. My legs actually felt great. My breathing was a little winded but I made it. I beat the 7:45 goal for all of my miles: 7:38, 7:42, 7:40. As I finished the three, two of the other guys (who ran their tempo in 20:30 total) waited on me. They got a nice little 2 1/2 minute break :). It was super nice of them! Then, we headed back to make it an even seven miles for the day. Last two easy miles were: 9:27, 9:06 = 1:00:02 total for the day!

I stretched and headed home for my post workout chocolate milk. I made some lunch and breakfast and even dinner before work! Tonight, I have a volleyball game with my work league and I thought it'd be much easier to cook a chicken in the crockpot all day so that I don't have to eat out or be in a time crunch to cook dinner. It's not even 9:30AM and it's already been a productive morning!

Happy Monday, all! :)

PS: Ran 9 on Saturday and felt great. Garmin died after 5.33 - but my average pace up to that point was 8:40 :) Is it bad that I didn't want to post anything after my last post because I liked the picture of Kara and me being the first thing you see when you click on my page?! Hahahahahaha

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

San Diego in Pictures!!!!!

Meeting Kara Goucher!!!! I was beyond star struck to say the least! She was super friendly and as down to Earth as it gets!!

Matt and I getting ready to "carb up" the night before the big race!

Saying Hi to David and the Family around Mile 8!

Soaking my entire legs (not just feet) after the race. I had a 2 mile walk back to the hotel ahead of me and I was postponing it as long as possible!

The leaders pack. This picture should probably be a little further up sequentially ... but I'll pretend like it happened after I ran by! :)

Happy Birthday to me! The balloon hat was hideous to say the least. Great times with family, though!

My cousin, Matt, and I after the race. He ran the half in 1:42:41!!

David and I after the race. So happy it's done!!!

Papa and me!! :) This makes me smile.

David, me, Finleigh and Matt

David and I at lunch the day after the race. Beautiful views of the Pacific Ocean.

Kristi and Kadee came into town when I got back from San Diego and I just couldn't resist a beach shot! Running is my first love, but the beach is a close second! :) Love these ladies!

Track is Back! :)

I know, I know, my pictures are still not up! I cannot for the life of me find the cord that connects the camera to the computer. So, just for all of you, I did stop by Walgreens today to put the pictures on a CD so that I can upload them that way after work tonight! :)

In the meantime, what is Wednesday without a track post?!

Let's recap just a tad, shall we?! Last week, I crosstrained a little and ran a 2 miler on Friday in 17:55. Monday, I ran a 5 miler in 41:59 w/negative splits (9:25, 8:24, 8:13, 8:06, 7:52) and felt amazing! :) I took yesterday off (because my coach said to only run every other day this week) and hit up the gym for an upper body and ab workout instead!

I woke up this morning with a HUGE smile on my face! I had zero idea what to expect, but I was happy to be heading to the track ... until I walked outside.

Text to Penny:

Jaime (5:56AM): "Is it just me, or is it seriously already 1,000,000 degrees outside?!?!"

Penny (6:00AM): "79 feels like 84. 98% humidity"

Jaime (6:06AM): "Even better!!"

Anyway, I did a 3 lap warm-up and then took a look at the board that had the following workout on it:

1600 1600 1600 opt. 800 fast

Rest: 3:30 4:00

Okay, so we get a decent rest! But, mile repeats. Ugh! And, a double Ugh for being my first track workout back from my marathon.

Whatever! I can do this, right?! Yes, I can! He moved me down to a slower group since I'm still recovering. My times were supposed to be: 7:19, 7:16, 7:13 (my real group was to run: 7:06, 7:03, 7:00)

My time:




The last one was a little tough, but I still beat the time and broke 7 minutes!

Watch out, Apalachicola ... I'm coming after you!!!

Friday, June 11, 2010

San Diego RR

First off, thank you so much for all of your kind words of encouragement along the way and all of the good lucks and congratulations once I finished San Diego. I truly apologize for taking so long to write this recap, but I really needed to let the race settle and reflect on how I felt about the experience before I put everything down in words. Overall, I had a blast in San Diego. I could not have pictured nor imagined a more fun trip! David and I had so much fun and my California family did not disappoint! So. Much. Fun!! So, go grab some coffee or some ice cream or some wine and sit back ... this may a little long! :)

Leading up to the race, I think it's important to know that I did everything that I could have done. Of course, we all look back and think about the what if's (and yes, I plan on training even harder for Apalachicola) but I am still satisfied with my training cycle for San Diego. The week of the race - I ate well, slept well - everything was good! I only slept for 3-4 hours two nights before the race and the night before the race. But, when you're losing three hours, flying five hours and running a marathon that starts at 6AM, sleep doesn't always get priority!

I arrived in San Diego at 10:15AM on Saturday and headed straight to the Expo. It took a while to get the rental car and make our way over there, but I was so excited. So as I was walking into the Expo and down the red carpet, I received a phone call from MsRitz (blogger on RunnersWorld). It completely made my day. She was getting me all excited and I couldn't believe that it was actually time to do this. I promised (okay, swore) to her that I wouldn't start off too fast as she told me there was nothing better than finishing a marathon strong! I picked up my packet fairly quickly and realized just how packed the expo was. David and I were starving and so we didn't plan on staying long but I just had to walk around a little. Now, I knew that Kara would be talking from 11-12 but it was slightly after 12 at this point and there just wasn't any way to get to expo any quicker. So, it was in the back of mind that she was there but I figured that she was probably in some big conference room somewhere else finishing up all of that. Literally, right as I turn the corner and am headed towards some booths, David looks at me and says, "there she is!" It didn't even register what he was talking about. So, I looked over and sure enough, Kara was standing right there signing autographs! I immediately got in line and hoped to God that she would get to me before her time was up!

I'm such a girl and I was definitely the most star struck that I've ever been! Like I was seriously tearing up because I was getting ready to meet Kara. All in all, it was a very cool moment for me! My turn finally came and I had David take pictures! She signed my bib# and wrote "Jaime, Always Believe! Love, Kara Goucher" She was SUPER nice and incredibly sweet. She told me that she loved my dress and we talked for a couple of minutes about her pregnancy and how excited her and Adam were to be having a baby! I told her she was my favorite person, ever and that I really admired her and her running! Just a very nice, down to Earth kind of girl! You could tell that she was very appreciative of her fans!

Afterwards, I saw Adam sitting about 100 feet a way and David and I spoke to him for a while. As I walked up to him, I said "You're Adam, right?!" (pure genius comment, I know). Then, I said "I"m in love with your wife!" and he looks at me and says "Me, too!" Hahaha. Sometimes, I'm not the most well spoken person! Ha. Adam was nice, too! We actually spoke with him for a quite a while - again, about Kara and the baby and their excitement/nervousness about having a little baby boy!

At this point, I was done with the Expo. Nothing could top that!! The rest of the evening was filled with food and rest! :) Boring details, so I'll fast forward to race morning! :)
I woke up to my alarm at 3:30AM with a slight headache. I quickly went to the bathroom (good girlfriend points here - the boy wasn't waking up until 4AM) to get ready quietly and noticed a card on the mirror addressed to me. It was a Happy Birthday card from David. Though, I'm frantically googling what kind of headache medicine I'm allowed to take before a marathon because I can't quite remember (but I know there is a list of yes's and no's), the card definitely made me smile! A good start to the day!

My cousin, Matt, and his girlfriend, Finleigh, picked us up at our hotel at 4:30AM to head to the start. I was getting excited but was amazed at how calm I was. No nerves. I was trying to hype myself up a little but looking back I don't know that I really ever believed it was time to do this. I had written "Believe" on my left hand so that I could look at it the entire race. I had some dried fruit and nuts and banana and a bagel. Everything was going great and perfectly smooth. The food had settled well (not to mention that I actually ate which I usually don't do) and I had gone to the bathroom! I knew it was going to be a big day!!

We arrive at the start with over an hour to spare and it's cold. Like seriously cold! I can't believe that I didn't think to have a throw away sweatshirt. Matt (he ran the half) kept me entertained the entire time and we even ran into my track friend, Nate.

I'm in corral 3 out of like 50 corrals. The corrals were very well organized and maintained! I decided to go back to corral 5 where both Matt and the 3:40 pacers are! After being in the last start at NYC, I wasn't about to be in a later corral, hence me getting in corral 3 to begin with! I'd rather be assigned an earlier corral and move back than be assigned one at the end and have to weave. I've learned that the hard way!!

In the corral I also met Bobbi from NHerShoes. If you've not read her blog, you should. She was wanting to run a sub 3:40 so that she could qualify for Boston again. We took a pictures said hi and then the race began.

Here's the funny part! I don't really know how to describe this race. It's like I zoned out, but experienced every single step. Seriously! I was trying to take everything in but I was focusing on each mile as an individual mile. Each mile had a goal - not too fast, not too slow! I took the race one mile at a time! And as each mile was run, the goal started over all over again, run one more mile at this pace! So, yes I zoned out ... but, not in all of sudden I realized I was already half way done. The race seemed like forever.

I started off with the pace group; it was a large group so I tried to stay about 2 seconds ahead of them! I missed my first split, but stayed with them until mile 3. 8:12, 8:22, 8:18
I got slightly separated from the group between mile 3 and 4 and never found them again! These two miles had some downhills in them and I let myself go ... a little because I knew that mile 5.5 to mile 11 was a continuous climb. 8:12, 8:13 I saw the family and boyfriend at mile 4! :) Made me smile. We ran through the Padre's Stadium around mile 5 - VERY COOL! and took my first gel around mile 5. Bobbi passed me somewhere around here and we spoke for a minute.

Oh the up hills! I'm very naive for thinking that they wouldn't affect me. What's 350 feet over 5.5 miles! HA!!! The hills completely laughed in my face. 8:23, 8:18, 8:24. As I look at the 8:24 on mile 8, I know I'm not making a pretty face. I didn't feel like running. My body just wasn't having it. I was fine and kept going but I still just didn't feel warmed up! I started doubting myself a little here. I can't describe it. It wasn't like I felt like I was running too fast or that I needed to slow down - my legs just didn't want to run. My feet were burning a little even after mile 4 ....I don't know. Maybe I didn't taper enough or maybe 5+ hours on a plane the day before wasn't ideal. Regardless, I tried not to make excuses ... this was my opportunity! As all of this is going through my mind, I see my entourage! I didn't know they were going to be there. I smile, wave big and keep on running. Later David tells me that he knew my smile was fake and was worried. I guess he read all of my thoughts above.

Miles 9-11 were on the interstate and uphill and horribly slanted at that. We also merged back with the half marathons (they had split at mile 4). The problem was that we were running the next 5 miles with the half marathoners - our 9-14 and there 5-10. So, yes when I hit mile 10 at 1:23, they were hitting mile 5 at 1:23+ which meant that it was crowded and they were walking! 8:26, 8:43, 8:43 I took my second gel at 10 and kept trucking up the hill. I was surprised to pass Bobbi around this part. She looked great. We talked for a minute and all I could say was my legs don't want to run! She passed me again a mile later!

I took cytomax at every single water break - which was roughly every 1 to 1.5 miles. The sun - oh the sun - it came out around mile 10! I'm not sure if you're familiar with the San Diego slogan: May Gray, June Gloom, but it's true. There is a haze across the sky in June. The sun shone all of three hours during the entire trip ... mile 10 - about an hour after the race. No joke! It was warming up fast!

I kept getting Happy Birthday remarks from everyone! I even had two guys tell me it was their birthday, too! I got tired of saying "Thank You" but I kept saying it. Funny how somedays everything makes you smile and somedays you feel quite the opposite!

I was still taking everything mile by mile. My moments of doubt were washed away when I still realized I was on track and the course was taking a downhill route. Mile 12: 8:14 and back up hill we go. Mile 13:8:38 I hit the half way point - according to the mat, not my watch - at 1:50:21 .... still on track, but a little nervous that I don't have any cushioned time, though that was the goal!!

Downhill again, 8:15 (Mile 14)

Miles 15-18 - still taking it mile by mile. I kept looking at my temporary "Believe" tattoo! It's hot, I gelled at mile 15 and kept the fluids in. I ran through all of the water stops but was definitely now taking cytomax and water each one. 8:27, 8:34, 8:44, 8:47

The splits were getting harder. My legs hurt and I knew it wasn't going to happen! I kept trying to tell myself otherwise, but when I hit mile 18 with only a ten second cushion, I knew it wasn't going to happen! But, I seriously thought I could maintain sub 9's ... until mile 19 came in 9:01 ..
So, we begin this little two mile path to Fiesta Island. The two mile path was hot and no fun. Someone gave me an icicle pop around 19 and it was so cold and delicious! YUMMMMMM Otherwise, the water and cytomax was so warm. I was craving ice cold water. 9:27

My friend, Nate, was at mile 21. He was going to run with me to the end. He had a little look of nervousness on his face because the pace group at this point was about 2-3 minutes ahead of me. He was hoping to see a little bit of energy and was ready to catch them ... but I couldn't dig deep enough to find it! I told him at this point that I would PR and that I hadn't and wouldn't walk a single step ... and that I was content with the PR, so basically, let's not talk about what's happening! Can you say WALL!!!! Sorry, Nate! and Thank you! And congrats for crushing your sub 1:36 goal with a 1:32 half!!

Nate was good. He didn't push me around this horrible island. No spectators, No shade and from mile 21-25 = What the HELL were they thinking?!?!?!

And, well, 3:45, quickly became 3:50, which quickly became, let's just PR.

9:29, 9:46, 9:40, 10:23 (Miles 21-24) I was so upset with the 10:23 but still couldn't start pushing. 2.2 miles left and it seemed like eternity! I even joked with Nate and said, maybe I should just walk and save my legs the torture of the next two miles. Of course, I'm too proud to walk (stubborn, girl) and so I knew I wouldn't, but yes, I was tempted.

Somewhere around this point, I started definitely utlizing the waterstops as in I grabbed cytomax cups once and water twice. The stops were very long and spread out and I learned how to quickly grab cups, pour half out and drink and repeat while running!

Around mile 25 (10:08), I watched my Garmin roll over the 3:40:59 to 3:41. I told Nate ... there goes my BQ and I still have more than a mile left ....

I tried to pick it up a little after mile 25. I probably didn't start running harder until about half way through that mile and boy oh boy was I digging deep for that. Last mile - 9:12 and then the infamous .2 - which turned into .33 ... I gave it everything I had. I wanted to finish strong. More importantly, I wanted this done. Talk about making your birthday seem like it's never going to end! I was ready to be done!! .33 in 2:42 (8:06 pace) Total time: 3:51:52 I didn't walk a single step! I completed this marathon! #4 check!!

I found the family at the finish and was so happy to be done! I immediately asked Nate to text Penny (I knew she was getting the updates and wanted her to know I was not happy, but okay!) It took me a few days to call anyone back to talk about it. I made Nate grab every sort of food I saw, but had zero appetite! I found some ice after the finishers area and made myself at home for a while and then started the 2 mile walk back to the hotel!

No tears. Happy with a PR but kind of blah. The pain came the next two days ... both literally and mentally (hence my ability to write all of this just now)! The goal is to take 11 minutes off by Oct. 23rd. It's a flat course, but damn! 11 minutes. What more can I possibly commit to doing?!?! I will train harder and better and more efficiently! I will eat better and commit to doing this. I'm sad ... very sad! But, I'm not giving up! I'm not a quitter and I look forward to getting to the Oct. 23rd start line healthy and ready to fight because revenge is sweet and I will do this!! :)

** I"m going to go ahead and post but I promise to add pictures today or tomorrow! I will add, PROMISE!. For now, check out the official pictures here:

Congratulations Jaime on competing in the Rock 'n' Roll San Diego Marathon and Half. Your personal photographs recording your achievement can be found by clicking
I'm # 3182

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

On speed!

I am so full of energy this morning, it's not even funny! I even only had half a cup of coffee and nothing to eat before my track workout. The taper is finally working! :)

I headed out the door at 5:45AM to go to my last track workout before SD. I wasn't sure what I would be doing. I knew I wouldn't be doing the full workout and thought I'd have some sort of 800m repeats at pace. Nope. I was just to do the first half of the workout and to keep my pace under control (aka don't try to beat the times). Oops! I felt as though I was relaxed. Legs felt GREAT!!! Breathing got a little heavy, but not out of control. It's a good thing that I was only allowed to run half of the workout because I wouldn't have been able to control myself.


1200 400 400 400 1200 400 400 400 opt. 1600

Jaime's Workout: 1200 400 400 400 - that's it!

I did warm up with three laps and cooled down with two laps - so, I got in a total of 2.75 miles for the day! :)

Expected times: 1200 in 5:12 and 400's in 1:40

My times: 4:59, 91, 91, 91

Oh! I got a free starbucks card in the mail since my birthday is Sunday. So, I think I may pick up a drink on my way to work. That's all I need ... a little more caffeine to go with this energy! AHHHHH ... loving life.

AND - Coach's race plan for me. Stick with the 3:40 pace group and let them do the work. No matter how great I feel, he doesn't want me to even think about leaving them until after mile 18. He's a smart guy. I hope I listen to him!!

Only 4 days until the race. The countdown has begun. :)