Thursday, June 24, 2010

Love Love Love Love Track!!!

It's true and you already know it, so since there isn't any way to disguise it in the title, I may as well just scream it ... I heart speedwork :)

And ... not going to brag at all here, because the moment I do, I'm going to jinx myself ... but, I think I'm beginning to learn how to run in this Florida heat/humidity!

Yesterday was a good day for running (= humidity not at it's normal 98%). These were my two options for track:

6:30AM: 78 degrees, feels like 78 degrees with 87% humidity

6:30PM: 93 degrees, feels like 97 degrees with 44% humidity

95% of the time I choose the humidity over the heat and yesterday was a reminder of why! I decided to ignore my alarm clock (after all I did wake up at 4:30AM on Monday and Tuesday and needed a break) and run the night practice after work! Great workout ... but the sun is killer!!!

Workout: 400 800 400 1200 400 1600 Opt. 1600

Expected Times: 1:41 for 400's, 3:26 for 800, 5:09 for 1200 and 6:52 for the 1600

I've basically been in the same group since I started, so I don't get scared of my times anymore. I usually exceed them ... but this workout scared me a tad! See, I usually push myself (1:31's for 400's 3:18's for 800's sub 5:00 1200's 6:40ish miles) ... but coach kept saying that the key to this workout was pacing the 400's and going too hard. He said the heat was brutal and the goal was to keep the 800, 1200 and 1600 at the same pace. Basically, we had to run the mile at the same pace as the 800 and 1200! So, even though at the beginning of the workout when I wanted to run faster, I tried to keep on pace so that I could hit that last 1600!

My times: 1:35, 3:26, 1:41, 5:02, 1:41, 6:48

I was very proud (AND I FINALLY GET TO MOVE UP TO A FASTER GROUP NEXT WEEK)!!!!! The heat was brutal ... a lot of people did not make their times on the 1200 and 1600 :( I was very happy that I have finally learned the importance of pacing! It was nice to finish strong! No optional mile for me. I'll start it back in the next week or two!

Love the track ... even in the heat! :)


  1. i always always always get scared before doing speedwork but every time i'm done with a workout i'm in love too :) you're attitude is infectious :)

  2. Awesome workout, YaY for getting moved up to the next group!!! Major props for the evening session, not sure I could have done that.

  3. Wow, congrats on moving up!! That workout sounds HARD, especially in that heat! I WISH I could come to Florida and run with you!! I bet your 5k time is already improving with all the speedwork you have been doing. When do you start marathon training again??

  4. You did GREAT Jaime!! I can vouch for the toughness of the workout, but you conquered it AND proved you should move up!!! So excited for you :)

  5. I am a 6 1/2 too!! (haha of course!) The racers I bought are unisex and they recommend buying them a size to a size and a half smaller...