Wednesday, June 16, 2010

San Diego in Pictures!!!!!

Meeting Kara Goucher!!!! I was beyond star struck to say the least! She was super friendly and as down to Earth as it gets!!

Matt and I getting ready to "carb up" the night before the big race!

Saying Hi to David and the Family around Mile 8!

Soaking my entire legs (not just feet) after the race. I had a 2 mile walk back to the hotel ahead of me and I was postponing it as long as possible!

The leaders pack. This picture should probably be a little further up sequentially ... but I'll pretend like it happened after I ran by! :)

Happy Birthday to me! The balloon hat was hideous to say the least. Great times with family, though!

My cousin, Matt, and I after the race. He ran the half in 1:42:41!!

David and I after the race. So happy it's done!!!

Papa and me!! :) This makes me smile.

David, me, Finleigh and Matt

David and I at lunch the day after the race. Beautiful views of the Pacific Ocean.

Kristi and Kadee came into town when I got back from San Diego and I just couldn't resist a beach shot! Running is my first love, but the beach is a close second! :) Love these ladies!


  1. so jealous of you meeting kara! love all the pictures -- you looks so happy in all of them :)

  2. Love the pictures!!

  3. You are soooo adorable, Jamie! Thanks for sharing your pictures, they are so much fun and once again, you always have that contageous smile that just makes ME smile!! So proud of you, girl!! :)

  4. Yayy your pics are awesome...I think its funny we both met Kara like a week apart. <3 her. Happy Birthday btw...sorry its a little late! So smart to ice after the race...