Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Bullet Points

Lots of stuff going on:

  • Detoxing is going well! So far, I've been successful! After three days of no coffee (because remember that I have to have half a cup of french vanilla creamer in my coffee, Penny came up the perfect solution for me: Blend together: ice, strawberries, protein powder and coffee. Sounds gross, tastes good!!

  • I finally signed up for NYC. I can't believe it costs over $200. UGH! Oh well, they should verify my time within the next 2 weeks!! :)

  • Work is craaaaazzzy!

  • Running is blah! I have really good days and then really crappy days. There haven't been any inbetweens.

  • Today at track, I moved to a slower group in the middle of the workout. It was 6x800 - but we ran 800 1 minute break 800 2 1/2 minute break. My times were supposed to be 3:16, then 3:12. Then, of course repeat x 3 sets. I ran: 3:18 3:07 3:17 98 (I quit after one lap and moved groups) 3:24 3:19

  • I was so mad that I quit, but my legs weren't loving me and it was humid and I was exhausted. Plus my group was running way too fast. I didn't realize that even though I wasn't keeping up that I was on track. Oh well The 3;24 and 3:19 felt much better today and I'm okay with that!

  • I want to run a 3:19:59 in NYC. My PR is 3:51:50. That's a HUGE PR ... but based off of my 1:35 half, I can do it.

  • I'm getting close to the burn out phase in my running right now, so my plan is to run no more than 25-30 miles a week until my wedding (June 10th) and then do 4 weeks of 30-35 miles and then start a 16 week training program for NYC. I plan on adding some yoga and cycling to the mix.

  • I've been weight training (upper body and core) 3x a week for 4 weeks now! :)

  • I'm doing the 100 pushups in 6 week challenge and am on week 2 right now. I did this is 2009 and never finished but got up to 40+ pushups in a row.

  • I'm still bad at commenting on your blogs, because I'm at work 90% of my day ... but, I am reading! :)

  • I'm thinking about going back to school for Pharmacy but wonder if I'm crazy for this. It would take 6 yrs. total (with my prerequisites - b/c my bachelor's in education doesn't quite cover all of the science and math I need) and of course I want to start a family way before then ..... I'm still thinking though ;) One day, I'll wake up and be 33 anyway ... I may as well have my PharmD degree?!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Detox Challenge - but, with a runner's twist!

I've always been interested in detoxing/cleansing my body for a 2-6 week challenge. I say this very lightly, though because I'm very uninterested in living on only lemon water and not having energy to continue to run. So, it all started yesterday morning. After a lot of research, I'm detoxing for two weeks ... but with a twist! I'm eliminating sugars (except natural), gluten and dairy. The biggest challenge so far: coffee! I don't like my coffee black. I like half a bottle of vanilla creamer in it instead!! This change will not last more than the required two weeks; however, maybe when I resume coffee, I won't need as much coffee!! I love carbs, but I'm okay because I still get rice. Breakfast was a challenge this morning because I realized I couldn't just grab something and go! So, I had to actually make some veggies and eggs! But, that's not a bad thing, right? I don't get desserts for two weeks, either. Those fall under the sugar and gluten categories. Oh, and probably the dairy category, too! It's only two weeks though! All this no sugar eating will certainly help my waistline. Right? It was 85 this weekend and it's officially bathing suit season! Let's hope Day 2 goes as well as Day 1! :)

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Ryan's Run 5K

I don't hate 5K's like I used to. I haven't fallen in love with them, either. There is something about running as hard as you can for 20ish minutes that kind of sucks, yet is very exhilarating upon completion!! I can't quite describe, but I have a feeling that most of you understand what I am trying to say!

Friday night wasn't ideal. Dinner wasn't until 9PM and I had two drinks that accompanied it. I was enjoying the night with family and friends and before I knew it, it was almost midnight.

I woke up bright and early (5:15AM) to get ready for the 5K. Nothing new, nothing special. I just got to the race early so that I could register and warm up. I ran 2 miles at 9:13 average pace. It felt good.

The race started and we took off! I'd run this course before and I actually really like this course. I knew my splits from then and wanted to be at least close to them!!

Wow!! My goal for mile one was 6:40. For whatever reason, I though that would be fairly easy and that would be me holding back. I hit mile 1 in 6:42 and I felt a little winded. I knew I wasn't quite at that crash and burn state but I wasn't so sure about "picking up the pace" either!

We hit the first turn and I count the girls in front of me. First place is way in front, but the other girls were not so far. I only counted five girls in front of me. I was in sixth place.

No one passed me for the rest of the race and I happened to pass a few guys. Sadly, I didn't pass any of the females.

Mile 2 was 6:50. This was 20 seconds slower than my mile 2 on this course last time. UGH!! I was trying though. I never gave into the pain and kept pushing. At 2.3 miles, my pace said 7:06. I made myself push and kept running faster. I was able to run mile 3 in 6:52.

I gave it everything that I had during that last little bit. I ended up running the .13 in 43 seconds (5:49 pace). As I approached the finish line, I saw the clock already in the 21's. I was so upset but I really couldn't have run harder. Not yesterday at least! I finished in 21:09.

I won my age group and was the sixth overall female. While I'm happy about those stats, I'm a little upset with my time.

As I was talking to my friend, Jen, afterwards, she reminded me that it was SUPER humid and it's basically already summer in Tampa. She reminded that it's very likely that even with increased speed and effort that my race times will continue to rise over the next six months. Then, come October and November, they will drop drastically. I had almost forgotten about that! 85+% humidity with temperatures in the mid 70's doesn't always equal PR. But, it doesn't mean that I can't try!!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Ready for Normalcy

I can't believe that I used to only run at lunch. That just doesn't work in March in Tampa. It's TOO hot. My work schedule has been disasterous to my running schedule this week and I'm super sad about it. My mileage is down and I'm going on day #3 of not running in a row. I'll only hit 4 running days this week ... with one of them being a 5K! I know I'll run 2 miles before the 5K, maybe I should run a few afterwards, too?

I may go for a run tonight? 3 miles? It just seems silly to me to run less than 5. But, it also seems silly to run 5 miles the night before a 5K race. 3 miles will at least shake these legs out, right?


Next week. I only have a bout 3 1/2 more hours at work and then I'll be back to my normal schedule next week!! :)

Happy Friday

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I'm alive! :)

I've been so unresponsive over the past couple of weeks. So sorry! **I've been reading all of your blogs, just need to get better about commenting** Sorry!

Truth is . . . work is keeping me slammed. I spent a week in Louisville - in a training classroom enviroment from 8AM-6:30PM. Then, I've been working non stop since I've gotten home. Basically, I was trained in Louisville to then train our Tampa office!

Training in Tampa is over tomorrow. The acquisition is complete and the integration is almost done.

I've still been running. :)

I'm actually racing a 5K on Saturday. We'll just have to see how that goes. I'm partly excited as it's the same course as my 5K PR from November (it's just a little hotter outside) and I'm partly terrified because you never know how long 20 minutes feel.

I'd be lying if I said I didn't want to break 20. I'd be lying if I said I didn't want to PR. But, I'll honestly be happy with anything sub 21. I'd be lying if I said I was happy with anything 21:xx +

I don't know what kind of shape I'm in. I've been hitting up the track every week and racing half marathons like crazy!! I'm in great shape to run 7:15-7:22 pace for 13.1 miles ... let's see how that translates over to 3.1 miles.

If nothing else, Saturday will be an indicator of my current gauge of speed! :) The goal is to break 20:00 by the end of Spring/Summer (5K season in FL).

Leave me some love!! I miss all of my comments!


Thursday, March 3, 2011

Gasparilla Half Marathon: Race Report!

Whew! What a week! I'm still not caught up on sleep and I keep smiling thinking that today is Friday. Well, it's Thursday, but I'll chose to continue smiling anyway! :)

As you know I've both raced and ran several half marathons in the past 3 months - 5 or 6 total. I can't really remember! Regardless, as I was analyzing the races in which I felt the best and ran the best compared to the races in which I either crashed and burned or just felt "heavy", I saw a trend. For the "good" races, I had taken the Thursday and Friday before the race completely off! Then, I ran 2 miles on Saturday: 1 easy, 1 at goal pace. The other races, I didn't taper at all. One of the races, I thought running 6 miles at almost tempoish pace on the Friday before the race wouldn't affect me . . . I learned my lesson. On the other, I chose to run 5 miles and lift legs on the Friday before, but I was just "running" the race and not racing. You can only get stronger if you push on tired legs, right?!

So, without rambling on too much more, I opted to take off Thursday and Friday and run 2 miles on Saturday. Before Saturday's run though, I was a spectator for the Gasparilla 15K. Oh my Goodness! So.Much.Fun!! I had a blast cheering on all of my friends! It was a great time! The 15K started at 7AM and boy was it warm!! I was a little nervous about our race, but very thankful that we had a 6AM start. By the time I ran my 2 miles it was 10AM and 85 degrees outside. I made it, though! 8:16, 7:14

But, then the fun begins! The sun keeps shining and the temperture keeps rising. David and I decide to go to Busch Gardens (for the first time) along with another couple and his parents. I LOVE amusement parks and all things related to adrenaline and roller coasters. I'm not sure that this is the best idea, but I'm having a hard time saying no (not that my voice would have been heard).

So, we arrive at Busch Gardens at noon! I wear tennis shoes and drink water the entire time. Otherwise, I walk, walk and walk more, in the sun, for the next 6-7 hours!

By 7PM, I'm exhausted to say the least. My legs are hurting and I'm tired and I'm beginning to think that I just made a really dumb decision. I kind of whine a little. I know 3:45AM will come super early. This was the race that I was the most excited about. It's basically in my backyard and is my long run course!! I'd been waiting all year to have the home town crowd support of my coach and all of my running and track friends. UGH! I pick up 2 10lb bags of ice and tell the fam that we aren't going out to eat. We can order pizza and eat left overs. I've had a GREAT day, but it's time to get home.

I take an ice bath, eat left over grouper and veggies, then 3 pieces of veggie pizza and am in bed by 8:45PM! :) I sleep like a rock.

3:45AM - My alarm goes off

I'm in downtown Tampa around 4:50AM. I park and get to the expo. I sit around and stretch and then make my way down to the start around 5:30AM. I warm up for about 10 minutes and keep telling myself that "I am much stronger than I think." I've got to forget about yesterday. It's a new day and I am trained. My only goal: to feel good. I want so badly a sub 1:37, but would be happy with anything 1:36-1:39:59 I want my first 5 miles around 7:30 and then I want to be able to pick it up.

6:00AM - The gun goes off and we begin. It's a little warm, but the sun is still down. I start slow and am running around an 8:00 minute pace a quarter of a mile in! :) That's exactly what I wanted. It's pretty dark for the first 4 miles or so. This entire stretch is a loop around Davis Island. I've run this loop a million times. There is already ample water stations and I take a sip each time, knowing that it will warm up soon. The music is pumping in my ear and I smile everytime I hear a new song that David downloaded for me. The first 4 miles I keep checking my Garmin to keep myself on track. I'm happy. 7:24 7:21 7:22 7:28

As we approach mile 5, we come off of Davis Island. The ramp off of the island was a downhill and was lined with spectators. Some how, I was running solo at this point. This was truly my favorite part of the race. I felt like such a celebrity. At the end of the bridge, I was .3 miles into a particular mile and was running a 6:50 pace. I backed off drastically to conserve energy. I wasn't ready to "pick it up" yet. I wasn't quite half way done. Mile 5: 7:21

At this point, I knew I was going to have a good day! It definitely wasn't "cake" but I could do it. I've never talked to myself more during a race. The entire race, and I'm not kidding when I say entire, I spent telling myself "You are tough, Jaime" or "You're tougher than you think, You're tougher than you think." or "Run, Jaime" or "Keep going, you can do this. Tough. Tough. Don't give in. You want this, BAD." I've never really used a mantra, but this worked wonders for me. I guess if you tell yourself something for an hour and a half, you're mind will actually start believing it.

One of my favorite milestones in the half marathon is the half way point. It's never marked, but I wear a Garmin. So, I see my friend Jen at around mile 6. I give her a thumbs up and tell her I feel good and keep running. Mile 6: 7:25

We start running into the wind and I can't figure out how to draft to save my life. It doesn't matter though because everyone is fading and I'm passing people left and right. I hit that "half way" point at 48:29. I had hit that point at the Women's half at exactly 49:00 and ran a 1:37:35 (and the course was long). I had negative splits galore on that race, but I felt good, so I knew if I pushed that the sub 1:37 was within reach!

I kept running. I saw some more friends between miles 7 and 8. It made me smile! :) 7:23, 7:22
Those miles again were against the wind, so I was happy with the times.

After Davis Island, this was an out and back course. Basically, we ran down Bayshore for 4 miles, turned around and ran back. When I saw my friends at different spots, I was excited because I knew that I'd see them again at the same spot on the way back. What I didn't expect was to see Penny near the turn around point!! This soooo made my day! Not only was I excited to be at the turn around point, but I was thrilled to see her. Made me so happy! I picked up the pace without realizing and ran the next mile (9) in 7:13. I hit the 15K mark in 1:08:34

The next milestone for me was taking a gel at mile 10 and only having a 5K left. I hit 10 in 1:13:41 and was happy. I quickly compared it to my Women's Half (1:14:07) and keeping telling myself I was tough!!! Mile 10: 7:18

It was getting hot, but I knew I had some more spectators to look forward to. On top of that, I had seen my coach and another friend on a bike earlier in the race. I knew they'd be on the course again sometime soon. I knew David and his parents were at the finish and I really wanted to finish well for them, too! It's silly ... because I'm very selfish with my running, but I really wanted to run well for everyone else, too!

I slowed down a little with the heat. I didn't get water in the last two miles because it was going to take to much energy to swerve and get on that side of the road. Ha. I ran miles 11 and 12 in 7:25 and 7:25.

When I had about a mile and half left, I saw my coach again. He told me to push. It was that finally little "talk" that I needed. I ran the last mile in 7:10 even though I didn't feel like I had a huge push and then the last .17 at a 6:16 pace.

I finished and was so HAPPY!!! I had hit that sub 1:37. The clock still read sub 1:37 and I had started about 5 seconds after the gun. My time: 1:36:47

Though, I had already receive my sub 1:37 for NYC, it was on a "short" course. This course was long and I rightfully ran at least the entire distance under that time. This wasn't a PR, but all things considered, it was the fastest I'd run the distance!!! Not to mention, it came the day after spending 7 hours in the sun at Busch Gardens.

I am tougher than I think!!! :)

8/399 - age group
43/2890 - women
239/4801 - total finishers

I can't figure out a way to post/save my pictures from online, but you should check them out! The got a lot!! Just don't mind my "rat's nest" hair. Did I mention the humidity was at 90% when the race started?!

If the link doesn't work: Choose "Gasparilla Half 2011" My last name is Winchester and my bib # was: 25439