Monday, March 28, 2011

Detox Challenge - but, with a runner's twist!

I've always been interested in detoxing/cleansing my body for a 2-6 week challenge. I say this very lightly, though because I'm very uninterested in living on only lemon water and not having energy to continue to run. So, it all started yesterday morning. After a lot of research, I'm detoxing for two weeks ... but with a twist! I'm eliminating sugars (except natural), gluten and dairy. The biggest challenge so far: coffee! I don't like my coffee black. I like half a bottle of vanilla creamer in it instead!! This change will not last more than the required two weeks; however, maybe when I resume coffee, I won't need as much coffee!! I love carbs, but I'm okay because I still get rice. Breakfast was a challenge this morning because I realized I couldn't just grab something and go! So, I had to actually make some veggies and eggs! But, that's not a bad thing, right? I don't get desserts for two weeks, either. Those fall under the sugar and gluten categories. Oh, and probably the dairy category, too! It's only two weeks though! All this no sugar eating will certainly help my waistline. Right? It was 85 this weekend and it's officially bathing suit season! Let's hope Day 2 goes as well as Day 1! :)


  1. wow, good luck! I have been wanting to try a vegan detox for awhile but I don't want to mess with my diet before the marathon. Maybe after though!

  2. you can totally go gluten free! I am one hundred percent behind you!