Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Bullet Points

Lots of stuff going on:

  • Detoxing is going well! So far, I've been successful! After three days of no coffee (because remember that I have to have half a cup of french vanilla creamer in my coffee, Penny came up the perfect solution for me: Blend together: ice, strawberries, protein powder and coffee. Sounds gross, tastes good!!

  • I finally signed up for NYC. I can't believe it costs over $200. UGH! Oh well, they should verify my time within the next 2 weeks!! :)

  • Work is craaaaazzzy!

  • Running is blah! I have really good days and then really crappy days. There haven't been any inbetweens.

  • Today at track, I moved to a slower group in the middle of the workout. It was 6x800 - but we ran 800 1 minute break 800 2 1/2 minute break. My times were supposed to be 3:16, then 3:12. Then, of course repeat x 3 sets. I ran: 3:18 3:07 3:17 98 (I quit after one lap and moved groups) 3:24 3:19

  • I was so mad that I quit, but my legs weren't loving me and it was humid and I was exhausted. Plus my group was running way too fast. I didn't realize that even though I wasn't keeping up that I was on track. Oh well The 3;24 and 3:19 felt much better today and I'm okay with that!

  • I want to run a 3:19:59 in NYC. My PR is 3:51:50. That's a HUGE PR ... but based off of my 1:35 half, I can do it.

  • I'm getting close to the burn out phase in my running right now, so my plan is to run no more than 25-30 miles a week until my wedding (June 10th) and then do 4 weeks of 30-35 miles and then start a 16 week training program for NYC. I plan on adding some yoga and cycling to the mix.

  • I've been weight training (upper body and core) 3x a week for 4 weeks now! :)

  • I'm doing the 100 pushups in 6 week challenge and am on week 2 right now. I did this is 2009 and never finished but got up to 40+ pushups in a row.

  • I'm still bad at commenting on your blogs, because I'm at work 90% of my day ... but, I am reading! :)

  • I'm thinking about going back to school for Pharmacy but wonder if I'm crazy for this. It would take 6 yrs. total (with my prerequisites - b/c my bachelor's in education doesn't quite cover all of the science and math I need) and of course I want to start a family way before then ..... I'm still thinking though ;) One day, I'll wake up and be 33 anyway ... I may as well have my PharmD degree?!


  1. Busy, busy, busy!!! You'll do awesome at NYC!! I've been in a running funk the last 4-6 weeks myself mainly just beacuse I've been all over the place with this left foot plantar issue. I have good days and bad. My next big race is the ING Miami 1/2 Marathon where I'll take my 1st crack at qualifying for NYC. Sounds like you have a good mileage plan in order and best wishes on the upcoming wedding. :-]

  2. I'm glad to know there is a burnout phase with running because I'm totally in that phase right now! I have been doing CrossFit and haven't been keeping up with my running, but am itching to get it going again. I imagine you must be so busy along with planning your wedding, too! I just started my bachelor program yesterday which is exciting but will be a balancing act as well (three kids ages 16, 7 and 6). I'm glad I have my husband to pick up the slack. Anyway, thanks for the update. Keep up the good work! I'll be excited to follow you during your training for NYC! Suh-weet!

  3. 3:19:59 is bad-ass. But so is a 1:35 half. You can do it. Good luck with your NYC training.

  4. Definitely give yourself a break before jumping into NYC training, I haev been enjoying mine. I am SO excited to come watch you guys in New York, like SO excited!!!!

    I think a PharmD is actually really great, one of my good friends is a pharmacist and loves it. If you don't do it now, then when will you...

  5. YAY for NYC! You will get that 3:19 and beat me in NYC :) Thats my goal pace for Boston but we will see.

  6. Yes -- one day you will wake up and be 33 (that will be me in June - eek)and I say DO IT NOW. Especially, before you have kids (if you decide to have them). It will definitely be worth it!

    Damn -- 3:15? You go!! Good luck with your training. I am running my first half that weekend - I hope you beat my time by at least an hour :)

  7. 800s are so hard! I won't be doing NYC this year, but my plan is to do it ni 2012. Keep it up - you are strong and awesome!