Wednesday, June 2, 2010

On speed!

I am so full of energy this morning, it's not even funny! I even only had half a cup of coffee and nothing to eat before my track workout. The taper is finally working! :)

I headed out the door at 5:45AM to go to my last track workout before SD. I wasn't sure what I would be doing. I knew I wouldn't be doing the full workout and thought I'd have some sort of 800m repeats at pace. Nope. I was just to do the first half of the workout and to keep my pace under control (aka don't try to beat the times). Oops! I felt as though I was relaxed. Legs felt GREAT!!! Breathing got a little heavy, but not out of control. It's a good thing that I was only allowed to run half of the workout because I wouldn't have been able to control myself.


1200 400 400 400 1200 400 400 400 opt. 1600

Jaime's Workout: 1200 400 400 400 - that's it!

I did warm up with three laps and cooled down with two laps - so, I got in a total of 2.75 miles for the day! :)

Expected times: 1200 in 5:12 and 400's in 1:40

My times: 4:59, 91, 91, 91

Oh! I got a free starbucks card in the mail since my birthday is Sunday. So, I think I may pick up a drink on my way to work. That's all I need ... a little more caffeine to go with this energy! AHHHHH ... loving life.

AND - Coach's race plan for me. Stick with the 3:40 pace group and let them do the work. No matter how great I feel, he doesn't want me to even think about leaving them until after mile 18. He's a smart guy. I hope I listen to him!!

Only 4 days until the race. The countdown has begun. :)


  1. ahhh 4 days! soooooooooo exciting. i think your coach's plan is rock solid. all the hard work hits post mile 20 so you want to be as fresh as possible for that final push

  2. Soooo close! I am soooo excited for you!!!! You have been killing those track workouts, you are gonna make 3:40 look easy!!

  3. Soooo close! And so cool that you have a coach. Here you come...Boston 2011!!!

  4. How did you do, Jamie??? I haven't been Loop Bound lately so if you posted, I missed it. I hope it all worked out!! And a VERY Happy Belated birthday!!! HUGS!!