Sunday, May 30, 2010

Last Long Run before SD!

Yesterday morning, I ran 9 miles as my preparation for my last long run for San Diego. Overall, it felt pretty good though I had a very slow start. It definitely took my legs several miles to feel warmed up. I was very adamant about keeping it "easy," though I must admit that I was hoping to see quicker splits for those "easy" miles. After all, I'm tapering. I'm supposed to be getting faster, right?!

I decided to run with the group and met them downtown for the usual 11 mile loop that they run every Saturday. It can easily be made into a 9 mile loop . . . so, I was good to go. The problem was that most of them had several goal pace half marathon (FAST) miles mixed into their run! No biggie, though! I just ran alone and tried to concentrate on the race that I have in a week. No need to try to keep up today, I don't want to regret it next week!

9:18 - I'm notorious for having a slow first mile.
8:56 - glad to be in the 8's at least
8:33 - Penny and Greg came back to run with me for a minute before they headed off for their fast miles
8:57 - Had to go to the bathroom bad. Eyes were glued to finding a portapotty! No bathrooms anywhere near by.
9:05 - Found one towards the very end of this mile!! :)
8:42 - I obviously was feeling better at this point!
8:14 - Goal Pace ... and it felt good!! Penny had finished her hard miles just in time to run this mile with me. We talked through it and it felt surprisingly well!
7:52 - Was to be another goal pace mile. Our garmins lose signal under the convention center and then they recalculate the missed time and mileage. Her garmin said 8:38. No shot we ran an 8:38 ... but I don't know that it was a 7:52, either. Felt marathon-ish pace. So, I'll take it.

Overall: 9 miles - 1:18:43 - 8:44 average pace.

I've been doing so well with the taper, but it's starting to hit me now. One week!! Oh my goodness! Can I maintain an 8:15-ish pace for 26.2?

I spent all day yesterday at the beach! 6 long (wonderful) hours in the sun! Going to the pool today and am going to focus on staying hydrated and not getting sunburnt! Nothing quite zaps your energy like the sun! But, the weather is so irresistible and I can't just stay inside all day!! :)

One week!!!!


  1. one week?! i think you TOTALLY can hit that pace! and ahhhhhhh yay beach. i haven't been in FOREVER. time to get my butt in gear

  2. Ahhh so close! You are going to nail it! I hate having to go to the bathroom on long runs! I always drink way too much and need to stop...