Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Last Speed Workout until San Diego

Ahhh, Finally!! I'm finally starting to feel refreshed and ready to run. The taper is working! By this time next week, I'll be full of anxiety but have some legs that are ready to go!

Workout at the track this morning:

300m with 100m recovery x 6, 1200, 800, 800

Expected times: 300's in 75, 1200 in 5:09, 800's in 3:26

My times: 71 71 71 71 70 68 4:57 3:18 3:18

I cannot wait until after San Diego because I will definitely be ready to move up to a faster group! I've been exceeding my goal times for a while now and today the times I ran actually felt a little easy. I wasn't pushing through and I didn't dread a single interval because they all felt possible! YAY!!!!

I still don't know that I'll ever get used to waking up at 4:45AM especially on a work day but I do just love love love the feeling of completely a great workout and still having my entire day ahead of me!! :)

On cloud 9 ... but that should be no surprise. Track workouts give me the greatest high.

1 1/2 weeks to go .....


  1. Awesome Awesome workout! I am so so excited for you, only 10 days to go!

  2. Awesome! Congrats! So close to the race...I still can't believe you get up that early to run, but it must be so worth it...

  3. great workout! and ouch to getting up so early. i don't think it'll get any easier over time either ahaha, 6am is still hard for me!