Sunday, May 23, 2010

Two weeks to go ...

This weekend my schedule called for a fifteen miler. This is my fourth marathon and by no means am I a pro, but my schedule has always called for a twelve miler two weeks before the big day! I decided to trust my coach and go for the fifteen. The fifteen had specific instructions: 7 easy, 8 at goal pace. I've struggled this entire training schedule with adding goal pace marathon miles into my long runs. I decided to give it a go this time around aiming for 8:15's. I was running solo today as it was both of my running partner's birthdays. Crazy coincidence, huh! Happy Birthday, Penny!! One was running a 5K while the other was out of town for her birthday. David's step mom, Nora, woke up bright and early and rode her bike along side of me! Very sweet!!

Overall, I felt pretty good. My easy miles are getting faster and remaining easy, though my legs were still pretty heavy towards the end of the run. I didn't push too hard - I am tapering!! :) I'm definitely not ready for a marathon today ... but I feel really good considering I had my 22 miler last weekend.

Total time: 2:09:32







8:45 - This was the end of the 7. I stopped at the car, drank some water and took a gel. Then, I headed off for the remaining 8!









So, I didn't quite hit the 8:15's, but I didn't want to push too hard! I felt pretty good. My half marathon split was: 1:53:30. Not too bad during a long run! I'm ready to continue the taper and back off some more this week! Next week calls for 9-10 miles as my long run with only the last mile at goal pace! :)

Off to the beach I go!

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  1. Great run! You are looking strong for the race...