Friday, April 30, 2010

April Review

160.4 miles. I didn't quite hit my all time high (September 2009 with 163). I could if I wanted to since today isn't over, but I have a 5K tomorrow and a 15 miler on Sunday and not another rest day until next Friday .... so, I think I'm okay with 160.4 miles! :)

Of my four long runs, 2 were actually "long" and the other 2 were done for speed "semi-long."
16 miles at a 9:17 average pace
9.5 miles at a 7:57 average pace
19.2 miles at a 9:07 averagepace
11 miles at a 8:19 average pace

I had 5 great track workouts!!! :)

I had 11 other runs of 6 miles or more!

So far, it's been a good year. San Diego training started mid February .... so, here is the year thusfar in numbers:

January: 55.8 miles
February: 107.1 miles
March: 158.5 miles
April: 160.4 miles

Year total: 481.7 miles

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  1. Wow, looks like a great month! You are motivating me to increase my mileage! What is your goal for San Diego?