Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Racing in the middle of a long run

I am such a good little runner when it comes to getting in all of my runs during the week! My long runs are always not so great. Okay, so maybe some of them go well. What I should say is that I don't always look forward to my long runs. Most marathoners LOVE the long run. For me, though ... it's not my favorite.

My point being .... I have a 15K race this Saturday. I really want to do well and beat my Gasparilla 15K time (1:13:55); however, I also have 17 miles on my schedule. So, my calendar looks something like this: 4 mile warm up, 15K race, 4 mile cool down. Hhhhmmmmmmmm....

Most would say just race the 15K since I still have 9 weeks to San Diego; however, long runs are super important for me! I know I have to finish that last 4 miler! I feel like my main goal needs to be to run 17 miles! But, of course I want to PR, too!!

How fast can I race a 15K and still finish the 17 miler. Odds are I'll crash and burn. You'd think I'd learn by now. Who knows though, maybe I'll start off smart and finish very well. I'll keep you posted!!

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