Friday, April 23, 2010

A little bit of everything

So, I just realized that I've posted three times on Runners World since I've last posted here. Not sure the best way to play catch up . . . so, I'll just give a quick recap:

Monday --> The day of the Boston Marathon! I tempoed on this day and had an amazing run! Quite possibly this is due to following the Live Boston Blog and heading to run immediately at the finish of the race. The best part about this, too, is that I had run a 19 miler less than 48 hours before. 6 miles: 46:55 (8:10, 8:01, 7:59, 7:53, 7:44, 7:08)

Tuesday --> Ran 6 miles on my lunch break. The schedule called for an easy run! Nothing too noteworthy. I think the average pace was 8:40.

Wednesday --> Track! The plan: 400 400 400 400 1200 400 400 400 400 1200 1600 Expected Times were: 400's in 1:39, 1200's in 5:09, 1600 in 7:10. Actual Splits: 1:38, 1:37, 1:36, 1:37, 4:58, 1:35, 1:35, 1:34, 1:35, 4:56, 7:05 I love me some track!! :)

Thursday --> Thursday deserves a post all in itself! Let me just do a little copy and pasting from my log ....

I'll be the first to admit, a lot of my runs lately have been nothing short of OSOM! Run after run, I've felt great, logged a ton of miles and haven't stopped smiling.
So, I must admit that this was not the case yesterday. Mentally, I was ready for my "easy 7 miler." But, physically my body just kept saying "Jaime, no!!" I'm embarassed to admit, but I tried several times yesterday to run this 7 miler and it simply did not happen.

Attempt #1: Lunch break. I decided to run my favorite route outside from work. It's semi shaded (and since it's 85 degrees outside I think this is a good idea). Nope. After maybe 30 seconds, I stop and walk to my car and decide to hit up the treadmill.

Attempt #2: Lunch break (treadmill). I make it about two minutes. David happens to be at the gym, too. He comes, gives me a little pep talk and I go for it again (does this make this attempt #3) ... I make it a mile on the treadmill and stop. I'm done. Just done. I can't get into the run. So, I head outside and decided to run again. 30 seconds later, I walk to my car and drive to Panera. I sit outside for an hour eating a salmon salad (hello, I need to fuel for my afterwork run) with my iced chai latte. I wish I were at the pool or beach but decide that it's okay since I'm still getting some sunshine.

Attempt #3 (or 5 depending on how you look at it): I'm determined. I head home from work and immediate put my running clothes back on. It's going okay and I'm running but I keep wanting to stop and wanting it to be over. I run .6 of a mile away from my house and stop. I walk back home. I grab a book and a glass of wine and call it a night.

I was frustrated with myself. Maybe this easy 7 miler was just "junk miles." But, I like my junk miles. I ran 50+ miles last week and I don't want a 30-something for this week. So, I call up my running friend, Penny, and she agrees to meet me at 5:45 this morning for a 5 miler.
I go (because I'm not going to stand up a friend) and run 5 miles in 45:10 (9:25, 9:01, 8:57, 8:52, 8:53). I didn't allow myself to push at the end since I have 16 on the schedule tomorrow but I did run!!!! And, it felt good (minus the heavy legs).

So, in all fairness, I thought I should share this with you. My training is still going well, but we all have our bad days! But, today is Friday and the sun is out and I have a smile on my face! :)

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