Monday, April 19, 2010


I had my highest mileage week, ever! 50.2 miles. Pretty lame for a lot of marathoners, but for me, a first and I'm ecstatic! For my first two marathons, I got up to right around 40 miles. For NYC, I went above 40 miles twice, but never more than 42. 50.2 miles and I feel great!! WOOOHOOO

So, for a little recap:

Monday: 11 miles in 1:35:34 (9:04 to 8:11 splits)

Tuesday 7.05 miles in an hour

Wednesday: Track

Thursday 7 miles in 58 minutes

Friday: OFF

Saturday: 19.2 miles in 1:54:46 I surprisingly felt pretty good during this run which made very happy! I think it averaged around 9:05 pace; however, I started in the 9:20-9:30 range and ended in the 8:35ish range.

Sunday: 2 miles SLOW. After I added up my mileage for the week and realized I was 1.8 miles away from breaking 50, I just couldn't resist. :)

How fun is Boston Marathon Day?! I'm super envious of everyone that got to run today and thought of all of you!!! I've even looked up some of your times :) and I'm just dying to read all of your race reports. With some more hard work and little luck, I hope to be there next year!!!

**The picture above is from the San Francisco Marathon in Oct. 2008. What a great day ... but I plan on crushing that time! How funny is it that my sister took a picture of me brushing my teeth! :)**

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  1. Great runs Jamie!! Keep it up, you are going to kill that Marathon in June with all of the hard work you are putting in :)