Wednesday, January 5, 2011


2010 was a crazy year - but in a good way! Last December, I set the following PR running goals:
  • 5K - 21:30
  • 10K - 45:00
  • 10 miler - 1:15
  • 13.1 - 1:39:59
  • 26.2 - 3:29:59
I ran two 5K's sub 21:30. I ran a 20:30 in Nov. and a 20:54 in Dec.

I didn't race a 10K or a 10 miler. However, during my half marathon in Nov., my 10 miler split was 1:14:07.

The best running day of the year fell on Nov. 21st! I ran a 1:37:35 and blew myself away! I had the best time ever and crushed my half marathon goal!

Marathons didn't quite go my way this year ... I ran a 3:51:52 on my birthday and then attempted again on Oct. 23rd but stopped mid way through!

Let's recap some of my favorite moments of each month, shall we?

January - 55 miles total! The worse month by far. I moved to Tampa, FL on January 1st. I was super excited about living the FL life and getting down here! I joined the Progressive track team (I found them online) the second week of January! I've met a TON of great friends through here and am so grateful that I found them so quickly!

February - My coach put me on a workout schedule so that I could begin my San Diego Marathon training! On the last day of the month, I ran my first 15K in 1:13:55. It was tough race ... I finished the month with 107 miles.

March - No races. But, this began the six week span of visitors. Who would have thought that everyone's Spring Break's would have fallen on different weeks?! It worked out though and I loved every minute of it! I also met Penny at the end of March! Funny enough, I met her online via Runner's World. Who would have known that she would quickly become one of my best friends - even outside of running. 155 miles for March.

April - Another 15K on a long course and with hills. 1:15:55 Still heavy in marathon training. Went to the beach almost every weekend! 165 miles for April.

May - On the first day of May, I put my weekly track workouts to test with a 5K. I ran it in 22:35. It felt soooo hard! I promised myself I would never run a 5K again and proclaimed to the world that I'd run a marathon any day over a 5K. Ha 167 miles for May.

June - David and I went to San Diego for my birthday!! Even though I didn't quite have the race I had hoped, I had an amazing weekend with my family! I even got to meet Kara Goucher. With the reverse taper, I finished with 105 miles for June.

July - I jumped straight into marathon training for Apalachicola. I was seeking redemption. I learned how to run in 90+ degree weather with 95% humidity. I quickly learned that this was only possible with 3:00AM wake up calls and 4:00AM running starts. UGH! Don't miss that. Total mileage - 155 miles

August - Heavy into marathon training and I was getting a lot faster. My long runs were averaging about 30-40 seconds faster per mile than San Diego. Total Mileage - 163

September - Still in marathon training .... still running ... 167 miles

October - Marathon month! I had the most amazing weekend ever with Penny and Stephanie!! I wouldn't change anything about that weekend! :) Not only did it set me up for an amazing finish to 2010 but I had the honor to watch Penny finish her debut marathon in 3:20:14! Total mileage - 107

November - I didn't have to taper after Apalachicola so I just kept running. I had my sights set on a 5K at the beginning of the month. I was hoping for anything in the 21 minute range and ended up running a 20:30 ... I was on cloud nine the rest of the month! This lead right into my half marathon! I was so excited about the half distance (this being my first half marathon) and ended up being right! Everything fell into place and I ran a 1:37:35! Not in my wildest dreams would I have run that time ... and it was 13.23 miles. Total mileage - 153 miles.

December - I ran a 5K at the beginning of the month for complete fun! I ran it in 20:54 and was ecstatic that came on a "fun" day! I even won third in my age group! On Dec. 12th, I ran another half marathon. I ran a 1:41:56 and was dying from mile 6 on. In the end I was happy with my effort on tired legs and vowed to treat the half marathon as a respectable race here on out and not as "only a half!" Two days later, I went to Louisville for a week and then straight to Key West for a week! I took some time off (ran twice a week both weeks - basically speed only and 12ish miles each week). It was a nice way to give my body a break and enjoy the vacations!! AND ... if you don't know what happened in Key West, check out my last post!! Quite the way to end the year!!

Total mileage of 2010 - 1573.1

I'll post about what I want to accomplish in 2011 next ... this is already way toooo long!


  1. Congrats on a great year and here's to 2011 being even better!

  2. Great year and numbers. Congrats!

  3. Hey girlie!!
    I love your excitement and happiness in this post! 2011 is going to be full of great things for you! TONS of accomplishments!
    I hope you have a great weekend ahead of you!

  4. Man you killed it in 2010 chica!! You just seemed to get stronger as the year progressed which is how it should be. I can't wait to see what you'll do for an encore in 2011!! I wait with great anticipation! :-]

  5. AMAZING PR'S!! holy cow girl you rocked this year! Can't wait to see what you pull out 2011. Love the 1/2 marathon time wahoo!

  6. What a great year, and so many miles!! And you got to meet Kara? Sweet!!!