Friday, January 7, 2011


A Few of my Goals - Running and Non Running!

  • To be more thoughtful! I feel as though I'm pretty thoughtful anyway, but how fun is it to receive unexpected cards or small gifts or words of kindness. I want to send birthday cards and good luck cards and random "great job" or "I'm thinking about you" cards ALL year long!
  • To be less selfish/more selfless! Again, always a work in progress. I want to celebrate more in others successes and give more of myself to others. Maybe, I'll even volunteer more and find organizations to help out!
  • To not procrastinate as much! Even with the small things, it's better to get them done in the present. First step, going ahead to develop the Key West pictures and making a scrapbook!
  • To run a 5K PR - I want to break 20:00 --> Actually, I want to be closer to 19:30.
  • To run a 10K - I've never raced a 10K before, so the first step is to run one! Goal time: Sub 43:00
  • To run a 15K PR - Sub 1:10
  • To run a 1/2 marathon PR - Sub 1:35
  • To only run a marathon if I will fully commit and am healthy! Not half way doing this!! So, at earliest, a fall marathon and if I do it ... I'm running it in 3:20! There you go, I said it!! But, at the same point, if I focus this year on the half and my speed ... I am a-okay with it! But, you better believe that I announce I'm running a full ... well, I'm giving it my all!
  • To have fun with my running!! Race more, smile more, run even more with friends!
  • To not get injured!
  • To take care of my body more! Hello massage, ice bathing, eating well and stretching.
  • To balance my life better!! I'm cranky in marathon training - especially towards the end! I need to remind myself that I'm not an elite and that I do this for fun and that it is OKAY to spend time with friends, stay up late and enjoy some wine!!
  • To post more pictures ... so sorry all of my posts are so boring! :(
  • To save more $$$
  • To get married! :) <3

2010 was AMAZING! Cheers to 2011 being even better!!


  1. "so sorry all of my posts are so boring! :(" I disagree.

    Good list of goals.

  2. I was thinking the same thing-NEVER boring! Stay up late and enjoy some wine. Great post!

  3. You have such great goals, I love them all!!! 2011...the year we both get married! Can't wait to celebrate with you soon!!

  4. awesome goals lady!!! can't wait to see them all get accomplished AND especially the big one of getting married!! <3