Thursday, January 27, 2011

Post Half Marathon Track

Gotta make this quick ...

Track workout yesterday:

800 1600 1600 800

I hate when we have 1600's in the workout. I don't know why! I'm getting better about mentally preparing for them, but I just don't like them.

Goal times: 3:18 and 6:44

We rested 1:30 after the 800 and 3 minutes after the mile.

My times: 3:09, 6:34, 6:30, 3:12

I actually felt pretty good!! My legs are a little tight from Sunday - but, why wouldn't they be? Those were killer HILLS!!!

Work is crazy and super busy!! Wedding planning is finally in FULL force! I'm starting to narrow down some things, so that's good! We're even getting pretty close to nailing down a date - at least we've got it down to a two week span in June! :)


  1. This June? Killer workout! I have some updates on the plan for me to be next ;) Apparently people in my life have trouble keeping secrets! Off today because of another blizzard. Email you later!

  2. This June!! Thats close! Good luck with planning! I love weddings! Great job on the workout! That sounds tough and you rocked it!

  3. considering you just rocked a half, that is amazing! way to go!

  4. very amazing workout. everyone is doing speedwork lately and it's making me nervous for mine! ;)