Friday, January 14, 2011

Easy 8 + Eating Solo

I had the most amazing 8 miler yesterday. Because it was 36 degrees yesterday morning and I opted to sleep and run later, I had to run after work. I've gotten so used to running before work and relaxing after work that I have a lot of trouble on these days. By the time 5PM rolls around all I want to do is get home! Luckily, I found out another running friend had made the same AM decision as me, so we met at 5PM to run. I had 5 easy on my schedule and he had 8 easy. I opted for the 8.

It was still pretty chilly out as I had to wear my tights and a long sleeve shirt. The coolest part about my new shirt, though is that it has thumb holes. Nike is creative, I'll give them that - not to mention that is the best invention, ever! So my garmin was mostly invisible (under my shirt) the entire run. We just ran "easy." When we finished and I looked at my watch:

8 miles: 1:05:21 (8:10 pace)


Had I seen some of those times while running, the run probably would have felt harder, or I would have slowed down. It's amazing what kind of mental games the garmin will play! Oh well, still love my Garmin!! But, it was a pleasant surprise since I felt like we were running seriously easy!

My boy is out of town for 4 nights and last night was night 2. I'm so used to cooking for two (and since we eat a lot, I usually make recipes for 4) that it completely throws me off when I just cook for me. It's a good thing I have him in my life because I actually cook full meals every night. I'm so less nutritionous when it's just me. I mean, I didn't want to cook meat, rice and veggies for one and then have to clean all of that up!

Do you ever run without looking at your Garmin?

What do you make when you only have to cook for one?

** Check out my cousin, Amanda's, website. Our great aunt turned 110 yesterday! No joke! Check it out. **


  1. Great job getting in a super speedy easy run!
    I occasionally run without checking my watch, usually when I have someone with me and it is just supposed to be easy!

    I have a few nike tops/pullovers with those tumbholes and I think they are great! It has been so cold here I have had to wear gloves too, but I still think it's great!

    I actually LOVE when John is gone and I can just cook for me- he won't eat a lot of things I like so I get a chance to have whatever. But most of the time if it is just me I make myself a sweet potato or an omlet- super easy and not to difficult to just make a single serving!

  2. i heart thumb holes. i've actually cut them into some of my shirts before. great running. i don't have a garmin but on some of my runs i've not looked at my watch. those runs tend to be the best

  3. I look at my garmin very little.

    When cooking - I always cook for two (I guess that I am hoping for company) and bank the left-overs to take to work later.

  4. I cook for one all the time so thats an easy question! :) It's easy to get those single servings of froze fish (I like salmon) and just cook one piece and then I usually saute some veggies.

  5. Nice splits!! Since getting my Garmin on my 7 miler was the first time I ran without looking to check pacing I just ran by feel.

  6. The one good thing about running in the dark is I don't pay attention to my garmin! I have been running a lot by feel and its working :)

  7. When its just me for dinner I usually cook something frozen or make breakfast for dinner- eggs,etc. Something that is quick and easy and not too much of a mess! Great run...enjoy your weekend! What is your long run plan? Hows the IT band?