Monday, January 31, 2011

Mountains - Okay, maybe just Hills!

I didn't run my long run this weekend. I was on a semi vacation and decided to just run hard for an hour instead. It felt good! An hour of fast running is probably just as good for me as 10-13 miles of easy running, right? It was a beautiful day - 45 degrees and sunny! Perfect running weather.

I was in southern Indiana and it wasn't quite the sea level flat running that I'm used to. I was surprised that I didn't climb more than it says ... oh well, the numbers don't lie.

1) 8:18
2) 8:24
3) 8:00
4) 7:45
5) 7:40
6) 7:49
7) 7:31
8) 4:31 (7:41 pace) for .59 miles

7.59 miles in 1:00:00

Total Elevation Gain was 255 feet (Total loss was 255 feet, too). I guess that is what happens when you start and end at the same place! Ha!

This was a great run though. It started off being an easy 4 miler that turned into a 5 miler and then into a 6 miler and then into a 7 miler ... finally finishing at a "I think I'll just run for an hour." Ha!


  1. Nice work with your splits!! :-]

  2. AWESOME RUN!!! Yay for negative splits!!! With all those hills too!! I agree about the hour of fast running compared to a long run:) Thank you for your sweet email, you made my day!!!

  3. Did you qualify yet? I personally think that you might have. just wondering.

  4. jeez. i'd really kill for that kind of run! great job lady and wicked great splits. considering you were dealing with elevation that's extra awesome.