Monday, January 17, 2011

St. Pete Beach Classic 10K

I have officially raced and finished a 10K. It is one of the few distances (normal distances at least) that I have yet to race!

I don't know that I love the 10K distance. It's kind of weird and I wasn't quite sure what pace to run. My 5K PR pace is 6:36 and my 1/2 marathon PR pace is 7:25ish. So, I was secretly hoping to be around 7:00 flat, but also didn't want to crash and burn with 4 miles left ... so I decided to aim for 7:15 to "play it safe."

Well, let's just say that it was good to play it safe, because these little legs would have definitely crashed and burned. Playing it safe wasn't as easy as it sounded ...

I was determined to practice pacing and determined to run the first two miles no faster than 7:30! Then, the plan was to run 2 miles at 7:15 and aim for 7:00 for the last two.

So, the gun goes off and I begin. The first mile feels like cake and I keep slowing myself down. Don't you just love that feeling. I came across mile one in 7:18 and I was happy with it.

I continued the pace for the next mile. By 1.5 it didn't feel "easy" anymore, but it certainly didn't feel horrible! Mile two: 7:17 I was happy to be consistent!

Around mile 3, I decided that pace was good for the rest of the race. Another girl that I run with throughout the week kept passing me. We literally passed each other maybe 10 times throughout the race. Everytime she would pass me, I would tell myself to keep up! Then, I would end up passing her. I would keep checking my watch though and I was pretty consistent .... Hhhhhmmmm Mile three: 7:19 I hit the 5K mat in 22:45. Only 15 seconds slower than I hoped.

The back and forth non sense continued. Mile four was the slowest, but it had several curves. The rest of the race was on a complete, flat straightaway. Mile four: 7:22

At this point, despite the back and forth running, I knew I could push for two miles. I kept telling myself that I always end strong and that on Monday the last two miles of my tempo were 7:14 and 7:06 so there was no reason I shouldn't be sub 7 in a race.

But, I couldn't run any faster. I just felt weird. I literally never zoned out and remember every single second of the race! Bizarre!

Mile 5: 7:20

I tried to pick it up during the last mile. I knew it would be over soon - but, soon wasn't coming fast enough. With half a mile left, I picked it up but with .2 left, I had zero kick. I just couldn't run ANY faster. Mile 6: 7:14

I usually have a great kick at the end, but sadly I ran the last .24 (according to my Garmin) at a 6:46 pace. At least I picked it up a little. The girl from my group beat me by three seconds .... UGH! I'm happy for her, but I was mentally defeated and tired of playing chase (YES, I realize that this was a race). Next time ....

I crossed the finish line in 45:24 (7:17 average pace). I was relieved it was finished. It was funny because a minute later I'm 100% fine and thinking isn't it crazy how we push so hard and can't wait for it to be finished. Then, not even a minute after we finish all of the pain is gone!!

That's going to be my new mantra on these short races .... the pain seriously is temporary!! I am stronger than I think!

I'm not disappointed in myself. Sometimes we have great runs, other times not. Sure, I wanted a sub 45, but this was my first go at this distance. I'll get it. I'm faster! For having a blah day, I'd say I did okay!

5th place age group/38
16th overall female/280
63rd overall/584

Hopefully I'll have some pictures up soon!

**My younger sister, Amber, has decided to create a blog. She is trying to change her lifestyle and needs some encouragement!!** I plan on devoting an entire post to her later this week, when I can take some time to write it and post pictures! I can't access my pics from work. Anyway, head over her way and say hi!! Thanks!!


  1. congrats! can't wait for the pictures. and that mantra is 100% spot on!

  2. Great race, that time is amazing!!!

    I find 10k's to kind of be like 800s at the track, they are short enough that you need to go fast but long enough that you have to pace yourself, I find 10ks to be the toughest to pace, so I think you did really well and were very consistent!
    Another race this weekend!

  3. Congrats on completing your first 10k. The shorter races are surely killers on the legs but the pain is truly temporary. Nice work!

  4. nice job! Sounds like the race went pretty well! I think speed in those shorter races like 5K and 10K comes if you are specifically training for those distances with speed work. It seems like half marathon and marathon training robs me of speed over shorter distances. So your half marathon PR of 1:37 is really impressive. I bet if you concentrate on training for a 10K you could really set a great 10K time like you were hoping (7 min pace). I agree that 10Ks are tough to pace!