Sunday, December 12, 2010

Holiday Half RR

This morning, I ran the Holiday Half Marathon in Madeira Beach. It was only about 30 minutes away from me, so it was very nice to have a normal Saturday and wake up at 5:20AM on race morning!!

I REALLY wanted to improve upon my time from last month. I knew I could do it and I've been training very hard. I tried not to over think everything because 7:20 average pace sounds fast!! Wait, that is fast.

My only real race plan was to run easy for the first 4-5 miles. I was aiming for a 7:40 first mile and 7:30ish pace for the next 3 to 4.

I screwed that up!

After a mile warm up (slow) and some strides, I toed the starting line - or got about three seconds back from the starting line. I felt good. I was in my cute pink tank and little black spandex. I had on my black arm warmers, too! I felt good and I was ready!

As I looked down at my watch about .15 into the race, I realized my average pace was 6:21. Oops! I didn't worry too much, I just tried to slooooow down a lot! I kept slowing down until I crossed mile one in 7:11. Even though I felt great and secretly liked that split hoping I could run even faster than I had planned, I was a little nervous.

By mile 2, I was burning up. I tossed my arm warmers in the bin at Mile 2 ... the bin that promised retrieval at the finish line. Nice!! Mile 2: 7:21

I was trying to find a good pace to stay at but was getting passed and getting discouraged! I was trying to stay sub 7:30. In retrospect, I should have been aiming for 7:40's here ... but I was ahead of game and was playing the let's hold on game instead of "lets run smart" game. Mile 3: 7:28 Mile 4 7:28

Towards the end of Mile 5, we had to climb a bridge. It hurt!! I knew I was in trouble here. I was slowing down and I was only at Mile 5: 7:31

We were turning to go on the Pinellas Trail. I was grateful and hopeful of what that would bring ... including wind coverage. The first 5 miles were VERY windy!!!! Very! Mile 6: 7:36

I was telling myself to hold on until 6.55 (half way). At the Women's Half last month, I was right at 49:00 here. Today, I was at about 48:40ish. A little ahead of pace .... but in a completely different mindset that last month. Last month, I felt amazing! I was excited about being half way done and feeling great and wanted that sub 1:37 and knew I had negative splits in me! I was in the "game on" mindset and ready to push!!! Today, I was ready for the race to be over already and was fading.quickly!

I told myself to that the 7:30-7:40 range was still fine and just to relax and run! Sadly, though, I looked down and was running close to 8:00 miles. Ugh! Mile 7: 7:55

Nothing changed. I was trying to tell myself to pick it up but was honestly just hanging on. Mile 8: 7:52

I just keep tracking along ... I was upset with myself and wondering why I didn't taper at all this week. Note to self: I am NOT superwoman!

Mile 9: 7:58

When I got to Mile 10, I saw a friend. I smiled at her, hoping she wouldn't realize I was behind pace (slightly 2 minutes slower than I was at Mile 10 for the Women's half). Then, I had to climb another hill .... UGH! Mile 10: 8:13

At this point, I just told myself that I could do anything for 3 miles. I was doing the math in my head and expecting a 1:43. Mile 11: 8:13

I tried to push, but I couldn't ... but, no one passed me in those last two miles and I passed one runner. Right before Mile 12, a police officer that was directing traffic told me that I needed to take out my ipod and that it was unsafe and illegal and that he could DQ me. I was pissed ... I took out my ipod and lost even more mojo. Mile 12: 8:01

I thought, "Okay, Jaime ... when you get to Mile 13 ... just RUN!" I ran a 7:05 mile 13 at the Women's Half ... When I hit the last mile, we had to run around this lake on a dirt trail straight into the wind - no shield whatsoever. I just kept thinking ... how long can a mile really be?? 8:26 seconds ... that's how long!! I couldn't run faster and I couldn't kick. Finally, I turned a curve and right at Mile 13 and saw the finish line. I made myself kick .... and finished the last .1 in 32 seconds (6:10 pace). I can honestly say that the only kick I had was that .1 and that I couldn't have started any earlier.

I crossed the finish line in 1:41:52 and was so relieved that it was done!! I am happy that I finished and happy that I pushed on very tired legs! I still have high hopes of breaking my 1:37:35 and I have six weeks until my next attempt!

I had a crazy week -
Monday Tempo - 6 miles at 7:36 average pace
Tuesday - 7 easy in 59:51
Wednesday - Track. 6x800 w/the last repeat at 2:59
Thursday - OFF
Friday - 6 miles in 49:47
Saturday - 2 miles: 8:33, 7:26

No excuses. I need to get stronger and I can. I came in 4th place in my age group .... I will get faster and I will start placing. I love to run - even on hard days like this. I'm proud of myself for toughing it out. I will let myself relax and recover a little this week before hitting it hard for 4 weeks and then tapering at least a little before my next half on Jan. 23rd!!


  1. Nice report...even though you didn't break your time, you ran a great race. And you did have a crazy week!

  2. i love local races and getting to sleep in! you definitely had on crazy week and you stayed strong to tough out this race on tired legs. congrats on the race :)

  3. Great job, That pace is unfathomable!!

  4. Nice way to push Jaime!! 1:41 is nothing to be ashamed especially considering the week you had leading up to the race. You'll get that sub 1:37 for sure!!! Just be sure to taper before your next race. I usually have two hard workouts with one easy run sandwiched in between prior to a race, taking the final 2 days before race day completely off only doing some minor stretching or massage. I've been taking this approach since July and I've been PR-ing like crazy. That works for me. Anyway, nice job and I can't wait to hear about your next race where I know the next report will include how you ran a sub 1:37!! Enjoy your rest! Happy running chica!! :-]

  5. Awesome run. Your sub 1:37 is about 6 weeks away.

  6. Wow that is an insanely fast first mile split! That probably scared you a bit to start off that fast. I guess I try to always start off races a little bit slower than my goal average pace, just so my heartrate goes up to gradually instead of spiking up at the beginning. Seems like that helps me gradually work into my pace easier.

    And that sucks about the police officer telling you to take out your ipod at mile 12, that is bizarre! Nice race though, sounds like it went well all things considered!