Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A little, happy Jaime + What do this Weekend? Advice encouraged! :)

First things first! It's Wednesday! :)

Track Workout:

400 800 400 x 3 , 1600

We had 1 minute (not long) rest after the 400 and 800 and 2 minutes after each set.

Expected Times: 98 for 400's and 3:22 for 800's

My Times:

98 3:19 98
98 3:17 97
96 3:07, 85
6:44 for the optional mile! :)

I almost let the word "optional" get the best of me, especially after that 3:07 and 85 but with a little nudge from coach, I gave it a try! I actually felt pretty good!

So, now for the advice ...

In my first four marathons, I only ever ran 2 20/20+ milers. Just two. That's enough, right?! This time around, I've already run 3 20 milers and I have my fourth scheduled for this weekend. Some facts and thoughts for you ....
  • I've already ran 3 20 milers.
  • The first averaged 8:36 and I was ecstatic.
  • The second averaged 8:24 and not only was I ecstatic but it felt really good!!
  • The third averaged 8:44 and it was torture and horrible from the beginning ... Keep in mind this was the week after the 8:24 run.
  • My BQ pace is 8:24
  • I have no balance in my life ... nor have I since February since I jumped straight into this marathon training post San Diego.
  • My 20 miler for SD was at 9:01 pace and 22 miler was at 9:00 pace
  • My cousin (that lives in Cali) and his gf are coming into town on Thursday and I want to be able to have a good time with them on Friday and Saturday.
  • I don't think I can push my long run to tomorrow .... or that I should wait until Tuesday ...
  • I probably won't do anything crazy on Friday and Saturday night but it would be nice to not have to wake up at 3AM and go to bed at 8PM. And ... let's not forget that I'm usually drained and worthless the rest of Saturday ...

So, what should I do. I think I'm going to plan on running an easy 20 miler on Saturday ... but I'm not going to commit to meeting anyone. If I don't show up .... I don't show up. If I do, great!! If I'm late, then that's okay! If I run 20 milers - AMAZING! If I go, 12 ... then is that okay, too? I need to listen to my body right?! Even if Matt and Finleigh weren't coming into town on the last week before my taper 3 back to back 20 milers is a lot, right?! My body has done the work ... One more 20 miler may even be too much? Dare I convince myself of that??!

Eagerly awaiting your response,



  1. i'm glad that optional =/= optional. i don't think one more 20 is too much. i think i did 5 or 6 last marathon training cycle. which may have been much but i think youre good :)

    go for it :)

  2. Okay so I tried to comment on this during my lunch break and it all got deleted and I had to go back to work. I am torn with you on this one. On one hand, you have already done so much more than you have been doing. If you did this 20 would that be 3 consecutive weekends in a row? Because that is a lot. I know personally, my body couldn't handle that. On the other side, if you could do it and not get hurt, and recover well, I think one extra 20 would help. I don't know! I think either way you are on the right track. I'm sorry this didn't help at all...