Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wednesday Happiness!

Oh, the temperatures are beginning to drop a little. It was 75 degrees this morning and the humidity was around 80%. Though this may sound horrible, it was quite heavenly! I've never been so excited for Fall. Never! :)

Nothing could be as tough as last week's track workout. Thank God it was the first skipped track workout since January. If it weren't for the treadmill, I may have quit track for life. But, with that in mind, I headed to the track in a positive mood this morning. If I could tackle last weeks workout successfully, then I could complete the workout this morning, too!

Turns out, I was right! Not so bad! 400 1200 800 800 1200 400 Opt. 1600

Expected Times: 98 5:00 3:20 3:18 5:00 98

The goal was to be consistent with the 1200's and to run the first 400 fast. Coach wanted to simulate a race (where you go off too fast and have to maintain). Probably not the best method, but it does happen ... so, we may as well be prepared! :)

Rest: 1 min after 400's, 2.5 min after 1200's and 2 min after 800's

Side Note: This is the first track workout in which I forgot my watch. There was only one other person in my group ... and I tried to pace off of him. He's usually in a group faster, but it was the only hope I had in running the times I needed.

400 - 95 ... not so bad. It was weird running without my Garmin. I had no idea what the pace was ... so the 95 was a nice surprise.

1200 - 4:52! Oops. We came across lap one in 1:44. I thought we were done. While it felt "easy," I was still worried about running back to back 98's to come through at 5min. Turns out my pacer took it up a notch. I ran a 4:52. That's a 3:08 for the last 800.

800 - 3:13 - Too fast, again!

800 -3:22 - Determined to slow it down so that I didn't die on the last 1200. I slowed it down too much, though. Oh well.

1200 - 4:58 - Not consistent with the first, but I did break my expected time. I'll still consider it a win.

400 - 96

I didn't run the optional mile because my left calf has been pretty sore for the past month or so. It's still sore, which is frustrating. Instead, I used the time to stretch out. Besides, it was "optional" and I didn't want to run a sub 6:40. I had a great tempo on Monday (1 easy 5 in 38:50, 1 easy) and a great track workout today. I didn't want to ruin the workout with a FAIL :) Way to be optimistic, right?!

Either way, I'm happy! I promised myself a duplicate of this past Saturday's 20 miler if I skipped the optional mile (which if you haven't read, you must! :)). So, it's set ... I will have another successful long run! :)


  1. Wicked fast once again. Great workout. Looking forward to reading about the next 20 miler.

  2. temps dropping? i wish. at least i wish for consistency! the low overnight last night was warmer than the high all day yesterday!

    but great workout. you totally nailed it. hope the calf isn't too serious. but you seem to be having some really kickbutt workouts! i'm jealous :)

  3. Amazinggggg workout! Just reading the workout you had to do made me tired! And you killed it!