Monday, September 27, 2010

20 miles of not-bliss :(

I should have known better. I was still riding my high from last Saturday when I attempted my third 20 miler of this training schedule. It was not the bliss that I had experienced the week before. Nothing about the run went well (maybe b/c I met Nicole at 3:55AM to begin). By mile 4, I was already tired and ready for it be finished. Luckily, I ran 10 miles with Nicole before the 9 mile shark loop. Those 10 miles weren't horrible, but by the time I got to the shark loop, I felt like I had run 10 miles and was ready to be finished ... not ready to start!

I don't have my Garmin on me now. I don't even want to look at my splits. I know I shouldn't be upset with myself or think that my race is doomed now. Let's face it ... I ran 20 miles at goal pace (basically) last week. My average pace was 8:24 and my average pace for the last 10 was 8:12. I felt amazing and had this crazy kick that I never have.

This week, I had zero kick. I stopped for gatorade or water probably ever mile for the last 6 or so miles. So frustrating. Even then, I was working so hard to maintain such a slower pace. I finished in 2:54 with an average pace of 8:44 ... not quite the 2:47 that I did the week before. I guess at least I can say I ran 6 minutes longer ... that's good for endurance, right?!

I'm going to be positive now! I had a GREAT rest of the weekend. I spent the rest of Saturday at the beach! :) AND ... my fantasy team won this weekend! Oh, I had a good tempo today, too ... 8 miles of bliss. That's on it's way to 20! :)

PS: I checked the humidity when I was finished ... 91%.


  1. That reall was still a good run, I know it doesn't always feel that way. And think only 1 more long run until the taper!!!

    Way to not stress and enjoy your weekend, and yay for a good tempo and start to the week!

  2. I know the feeling of wanting to run better but just not being able to. Those runs and races happen! Hopefully you got it out now so that your race will be great and you will feel good!

  3. ew humidity. but you definitely got in a solid run nevertheless. sometimes runs just suck. it makes all the other runs sooooooo much better though :)

  4. I personally think that if you cranked out 20 last week at goal pace, your body is NOT recovered this week to do the same thing. It can't, it just can't!! Give the bod some taper and tons of rest and you will do amazing on race day, guaranteed!!! :)

  5. You must have been running with me on last Sunday.

    I still think that you are going to PR.

  6. I think completing 20 miles is amazing! Great job!