Thursday, September 16, 2010

Treadmill Track and A Run with the Pup

After my volleyball game on Monday night and a not so stellar run on Monday morning (2 easy, 5 at 8:20 pace, 2 easy), I decided to sleep in on Tuesday morning. As much as I enjoy sleeping in, I know that it decreases my odds drastically of not running for the day.

I didn't run at lunch, so I was left with running after work. I didn't want to. But, it was a little cooler and when I got home I knew that I needed to! :) There is just something about running after work. I don't know how some of you do it. I'm so drained by the end of work that I just want to come home and relax!

I decided to take Heidi, our 5 yr. old Boxer, to BayShore and run with her. I used to run with Heidi ALL the time. Sadly, though, it's been probably a year since I've run with her. Our old neighborhood was very runner friendly. Now, our condo is off of a major road and I drive at least 15 minutes to the start of all of my runs. I wasn't sure how she would do. We used to run 3-4 milers together quite often and she still had energy left.

My schedule said "7 easy." I thought 5 miles would be a good goal. I had track in the AM and didn't want to be too tired. We set off and just kept running. It took about 1.5 miles to wear her out, but eventually she turned into the perfect running partner. I was nervous about running an out and back path so when we got to 2.5 miles, despite us both running well, I turned around. Little did I know that this was a great decision.

At 2.68 miles, she decided to lay down. She was done! I stopped for a few minutes with her. Then we walked a little and then run. This repeated 3 more times until we finally finished.

Heidi and I ran 4.0 miles and walked a total of 1 mile. We ran 4 miles in 36:24. Not so bad for an easy run with the pup! :)

Let's fast forward a little . . . I couldn't go to sleep. Running at night kept me wide awake! 4:40AM came early ... but, luckily (or not luckily) for me my alarm did NOT go off! Weird! Oh well. I enjoyed the extra sleep.

I emailed my track coach and he said to do the run on the treadmill at lunch (I had after work obligations).

1600 400 400 800 400 400 1600 Opt. 1600

Rest: 3 minutes after 1600's 1:15 after 400's and 2 min. after 800.

Expected Times: 6:44 98 98 3:20 98 98 6:40 6:59

Running track workouts on the treadmill is TOUGH! Everything was run at 9.0-9.2mph. In order to hit those times, that was the pace. UGH!!

The momentum of the treadmill helped a little, I'm sure. However, this workout was not any easier on my body .... my little heart was beating super fast!!

My times: 6:48 1:40 98 3:20 98 97 6:39 6:37

I love how you can manipulate the treadmill and just set it for a pace and run that time. I've probably never run such consistent paces! The 400's weren't so bad on the treadmill ... the miles at 9.0 and 9.1 ... yeah! Those are another story. Definitely not easy.


  1. sleeping in definitely reduces the chances of me running too. which is why, despite not loving the early alarms, i keep getting up before the sun!

    and great track workout on the tm. when i was training for boston this past spring i think i did 14 of the 16 track workouts of my plan on the tm. it was wayyyyyyy useful!

  2. I wish my pup had long enough legs that I could bring her to run with me, but she doesn't last much more than a mile of quality running, I am wanting a bigger dog SO BAD!

    I ended up having to do mine on the treadmill yesterday too! I agree it is nice to know that you will hit the pace you need because the treadmill will not let you slow down. Great job with the workout anything starting with 9 on the treadmill scares me, mine are all still in the 8.X range.

  3. Sometimes I wish that I had someone to run with. Nice run on the TM. I know that running on those things are tough. My future holds me purchasing a used one for this winter.

    Nice work Jaime

  4. Aww I love boxers! I hope to be able to run with my pup some day. Good for you getting your track workout in on the treadmill...I honetsly don't think I could do it...
    Getting closer!!!