Friday, May 20, 2011

Track Attack

I had the most amazing track workout on Wednesday night - really, I've had an amazing week of running.

I opted to sleep in Wednesday and go to night track. I prefer running in the AM, mostly because of the heat but also because I have such a solid group of running friends. I was extremely tired all of Tuesday and even though I went to bed early that night, I decided that I didn't want to spend the rest of my week exhausted, so I slept in.

The track workout Wednesday night was: 1200 6x400 1200

Goal Times: 4:54 - 95 - 4:54

We were told not to push the 400's since we only received a minute of rest after each 400. Also, we were to hit or exceed whatever time we ran the first 1200 in.

My times - 4:49 95 93 94 94 94 94 4:41

I felt so good that I was able to finish strong!! Love when that happens!!

Rest of the Week -

Monday (lunch)- 7 easy at 8:43 pace
Tuesday (AM) - 5 easy at 8:08 pace
Wednesday (PM)- Track
Thursday (AM) - 5 easy at 8:41 pace

Tomorrow, I'm heading back to the trails!! :)


  1. Great workout :) Enjoy the trails...
    the countdown must be on for your wedding!!!
    ps- have you seen something borrowed yet?? I'm going next week...

  2. Oh I wish I could fit in 7 miles during my lunch, that'd be awesome! Great way to break up the day.