Sunday, May 8, 2011

Trails x 2 - My Kind of Weekend

With the boy out of town for nearly 5 days, what's a girl to do?! I was in desperate need of some me time and some good running!! Probably not your average thought, but my idea of a good weekend was back to back trail runs with friends.

I haven't run trails since I moved to FL (Jan. '10). It's been a while to say the least and I had forgotten how much I missed it. To say the least, it reminds me of home in Western North Carolina. It's basically where I learned to run!

The trails are just so serene; so peaceful. There is something about running as the sun rises and hearing woodpeckers and birds chirp. The trails were narrow at times; sometimes rooty, sometimes sandy. The water was along side the trail for a lot of the run. So beautiful! We even saw two rather large white tailed deer this morning! I really can't describe it, but when I reflect back on it, I simply smile! I want to go back!

Yesterday, we ran a 9.23 mile loop. This morning, we ran 7.65 miles. The times were slower and much more relaxed but I was reminded of my love for running this weekend. It was nice to run through the woods at my own pace, on my own time! It was nice to take everything in and enjoy the company of great friends. I have a feeling that the trails will be visited much more often in my future!

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  1. Looks beautiful! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!