Thursday, April 28, 2011

One Mile Work Race: RR

6:30AM - Got to sleep in because I didn't have to run before work! :) Woke up after 7 hours of sleep and three glasses of wine. TIRED.

8:00AM - COFFEE!!!!

10:00AM - Water and Clif Bar

11:30AM - Water and 1/2 Clif Bar

12:00PM - 1/2 mile warm up jog and lots of stretching

12:15PM - My coach arrives!! We talk and he stretches me. It's 86 degrees out and so HOT!!!! I feel good and after yesterday, I knew exactly what that 89-91 pace/lap felt like. I also had a lot more confidence after completing the workout yesterday that my competitors would not be able to hang at that pace. :)

12:30PM - We begin. Andrew takes off immediately and I don't stay with him. Adam stays right on my heels, almost tripping me twice. Adam and I exchange a few words during the first 200m. I tell him if he's going to pace off of me that he can't trip me. At the 200m, I feel great and we are at 41 seconds. Andrew is 3 seconds at least ahead of me. I decide to slow down knowing that he will die in due time.

I hit the first lap in 88 seconds. I feel great and I can see Andrew slowing down. As I hit the 500m-ish mark, I pass Andrew like he's standing still :) All the meanwhile, Adam is still right on me.

We hit lap two in 3:01. I can hear Adam breathing heavily. While tired, I know I can hold the pace. I'm just being patient waiting for Adam to fall off.

On the home stretch to completing lap three, I feel Adam backing off a little. He's backing off and I still have energy left. Silly boys! I come across the 1200m mark in 4:35. I'm guessing I've got three seconds on Adam at this point but I'm not worried - not even the slightest!

I continue running never looking back! I don't need to know where he is; I need to focus on my own race. As I round the last corner, I can see through the corner of my eyes that I have about 100m on Adam. I stride it out - never sprinting, yet still picking up the pace slightly. I cross the finish line in 6:06.

Adam crossed 41 seconds later in 6:47. He had a rough last lap. :(

We chat and congratulate each other and see Andrew walking with over 200m left. He continues to walk until the home stretch and finally finishes in 9:14.

That 6:06 felt good and left me hungry for digging deep and training for speed. Especially, since I was basically running solo and in the 86 degree heat. I'm itching to break 6:00 and I know I have it in me! :)

9:30PM - Packing. Leaving for JAX with Penny at 7AM!! Our shirts: "Jaime's tying the knot .... So, BUY us a SHOT!!!"

Weekend Recap w/Pictures next!!



  1. wooooooooooot! that's intense. i love how it's left you wanting more speed :) you can totally break 6

  2. Wooohooo! Great way to head into the weekend!

  3. Yay!!! I knew you would beat those boys!! Congrats. Have an amazing bachelorette weekend!!! Have lots of shots :) I wish I could buy you one! Can't wait to see the pics.

  4. Ha showed them!!!! Awesome!

    Have a GREAT time this weekend! Can't wait for a recap/pics!

  5. WAHOO! i knew you would do it - way to beat the boys! have fun this weekend!

  6. My little speedy competitor!! love it xoxo

  7. 6:06, that's fabulous! Congrats on kicking it, knew you'd do it!