Thursday, April 14, 2011

1000's - New Distance + Random Talk

We ran 1000's at the track yesterday! This was new distance as we always sprint distances in multiples of 400m. But, instead, the workout was 5 x1000m w/a 200m recovery in between.

This = HARD!

Goal pace: 4:00 (6:24 mile pace or 96 second lap pace).

My attempt:

3:59 3:57 3:56 4:02 3:19

No, it's not how it looks. I didn't crush the last repeat. I stopped at the 800m mark because I was dead and already 7 seconds off of pace! So tough!!

I'm lacking in the energy department lately. I've been so tired. Ever since I detoxed, I've lost about 5 lbs. I'm okay with this because my stomach looks better than ever; however, I'm tired. I was 104lb today. I'm usually 108-110. I promise I'm eating! :)

Regardless, I had a great workout! Oh! On Monday, I finished my run with a 7:44 minute mile and then a 7:06 mile. Even though I'm only logging 20-25 mpw, I'm determined to gain strength and not lose my speed! It's possible!

Do you notice a correlation between your weight and energy levels?

Are you running Boston on Monday? If so, Good luck!!!


  1. I did a couple abs classes at the gym and I can already feel a difference in my stomach. I never would have thought a 30 minute class could be so effective.

    I actually feel a little lighter on my feet when I'm at the lower side of my weight range...but I just have to make sure I fuel enough the day of (or night before) running to get the energy.

  2. 5 x 1000 is a tough workout!! Especially with a 200 in did great though...

  3. Jaime,

    Good job on the workout.

    I am running Boston on Monday, and this is why:

  4. Get some much-needed rest girl!! Sometimes we perform better if you let the speedwork go for a week or two - just sayin' :).

    Happy Weekend!! YAY