Friday, August 27, 2010

Two Treadmill Runs in One Week

That's right! Twice this week, I've run on the treadmill. Monday, I ran there because of the rain. Yesterday, because I didn't wake up in time to beat the heat. Let's just say that I've spent enough time on the treadmill this week and I'm okay with not seeing it for another month.

Monday, I tempoed. 8 miles total. 2 easy (around 6.7mph) 2 at 7:40 pace (7.8 mph), 2 at 7:20 pace (7.2 mph), 2 easy (6.7 mph). Total time was roughly 65 minutes.

Yesterday, my schedule called for 7 easy. I could not get warmed up for the life of me. I wanted to hop off of that treadmill and call it quits the entire time I was running those first 4 miles. Somehow, after mile 4, I warmed up. I ended up running 7.2 miles in 1:00:28. This is much faster than my easy pace is supposed to be, but I just wanted to get the run finished.

Now, it's Friday! :) I have another 18 miler on deck in the morning. My schedule reads: 12 easy, 6 at 8:10 pace. I'm secretly shooting for a 19 miler, but we shall see!


  1. Great runs this week, I am also hoping not to see it again for a while after yesterday. I have 18 tomorrow too, but you will be done long before me I anticpate;) Good Luck!

  2. ugh to the tm. i've totally found it useful in the past. but every once in a while. too much and my brain just starts to go haywire!

    i've found that my easy pace on the tm is faster than my easy pace outside so i never know if my easy tm runs are really being easy runs for my body. good job with the running and good luck with the 18! :)