Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I still heart speedwork but sometimes speedwork does not heart me! In all actuality, it's been kicking my butt lately!

I moved myself back down a group (it wasn't too hard to convince the coach - so I must have needed it). Moving up two groups within a month of San Diego may have been a little bit of an overachievement. Whether I'm making excuses or simply being true to my body, I'm still pushing myself - a lot! This speedwork isn't coming as easy as it used to.
I've even taken a new approach to the optional mile. I'm fine as long as it is sub goal marathon pace! :) No more, it has to be sub 7 requirement going on in my head! UGH! I can't do that after these practices. Maybe one day!

Today's Workout:

400 400 400 1600 800 400 400 400 Opt. 1600

Expected Times: 99 98 98 6:44 3:22 99 98 98

My times:

95 94 94 6:40 3:18 94 93 93 (optional in 7:29)

On paper, this is clearly a success! However, I'll be the first to admit that in reality it kicked my butt!! I still love Wednesdays, though!! :)


  1. Outstanding work. You are the bomb!

  2. great running! i think that no matter what group you run in, as long as you're challenging yourself then you're doing something right!

  3. Wow, looks like an awesome workout! You killed it. I'm sure it was hard in the Florida heat and humidity. And you did the optional mile! I took a page out of your book and got up at 5 today to do my tempo run. It was in the low 70s but the humidity was so high it was still tough. I bet you will welcome some cooler weather. Thanks for your nice comments on my post today :)

  4. Speed work has been kicking my butt too! I think it is partially the heat. You are doing great though!! I think the point is getting out there and running the workouts!