Friday, August 20, 2010

New Kicks

Asics - DS Racer 8

I've been wanting to have a very light weight shoe to do speed work in. I currently run in my regular shoes on the track (which are probably the heaviest shoes ever). I'll be wearing these shoes for track work and short races (5K, 10K). Depending on how that goes, I may eventually even be able to run half marathons in them. We'll see. They are super super light!! I'll break them in on Wednesday.

Mizuno Wave Inspire 6

I've only ran once in them and I'm not completely in love yet! But, my legs were super tight and it was an after work 5 miler (which isn't the norm). I'm excited about running in these shoes. They're much lighter than my Asics 2150s. Oh, and they're HOT PINK! How fun is that? I've never had fun colored shoes. Never.

Tomorrow's schedule says 18 . . . I can't believe my long runs are already this far again!


  1. Those are my new shoes too!!! I love the mizunos and hope you do too! I agree the 2150s are the heaviest shoes I have ever run in.

  2. omg hot pink shoes are amazing! i'm way jealous of them. i need to scope out some wicked cool colors :)

  3. Nothing better than a new pair of running shoes!

    Interested to see what you think of the Racers.

  4. If you don't want to you are more than welcome not to answer this, but I'm in the market for some new Asics and was wondering how much you paid for those???

    Awesome shoes by the way.