Thursday, August 19, 2010

Oh, track ... I thought we were friends!

We'll keep it short and simple ... I'm going on three or four weeks where the track has kicked my butt!! It took everything I had to simply finish the workout yesterday!

5x800 1600

2 minutes rest in between (that's not very long)

Expected times: 3:20 for the 800's, 6:40 for the 1600

My times: 3:18, 3:16, 3:19, 3:20, 3:23, 7:29

I couldn't even attempt the mile. Like, seriously - I couldn't even hang for one lap! I wanted to stop at each lap and just finally had to tell myself that running a mile in 7:something was much better than quitting! I should be able to do 5x800 no problem! Not sure why I'm hurting so bad and so fatigued as of late .... this has got to go!

On a much more fun note ... I got two new pairs of running shoes after practice! One for speed work and short races and one for my longer runs and longer races! They're both new ... and much lighter ... and I'm excited to try them out. Will keep you posted! :)


  1. You are so fast. Maybe you are feeling the the hill run? Regardless - nice workout!

  2. Nice job on the workout! A mile after those 800s would be tough for anyone. Great job at least doing the mile, I am sure as you continue it will be easier!

  3. yay for new running shoes :) hope they work out. and great track work. you are wayyyy speedy and totally rocked those intervals

  4. Way to finish strong at the track, 800s are just evil, way to hit the final mile! What kind of shoes dis you end up getting?

  5. OMG that is a hard workout! Don't feel bad! 5 x 800 would be it for my workout...What kind of shoes?? did you get racing flats?