Monday, July 19, 2010

Week Two of Running 6 Days a Week

Both times unintentionally, too! But, I must admit, I kind of like it!

Since I haven't written all week, let's recap, shall we:

Sunday: Successful 14 miler

Monday: Successful tempo which I was super nervous about since I had run the 14 miler the day before. 8:55 7:55 7:46 7:48 7:49 9:10 (the goal was to have 4 sub 7:50's)

Tuesday: For some reason, I thought it would be a good idea to sleep in and run at lunch! HA! I was supposed to run 7 easy miles, but instead had 6.5 miles from HELL! At mile 6.5, I had to wait for a car. This was my only stop of the entire run and once I stopped, I just couldn't run anymore ... UGH! 6.5 miles in 58:11 (8:58 average pace). I checked the weather when I was finished and it read: 88 degrees, feels like 101 degrees, 58% humidity!

Wednesday - TRACK!!!! I love track. We had 10 x 400. My goal pace was 1:37 for all of them and I beat my times.

Thursday: Easy 8 which was anything but easy! 1:13:06 (9:09 average pace).

Friday: OFF

: This was supposed to be my long run, but was a FAIL. I decided to make it 4 easy miles instead! 4 miles in 36:36

Sunday: Redemption from Saturday. My schedule read 4 easy, 5 at 8:15, 1 easy, 4 at 8:00. So, yeah .. this was HARD!!!

I wrote my coach afterwards and was like "Did you mean for me to have 9 of my 14 miles at faster than goal marathon pace?" I'm sure he did, I mean, I can't become a better, faster, stronger runner without working harder right? I started this run around 6:45AM when the humidity was around 90%.

Techincally, this workout was a FAIL! But, I'll let you be the judge. I'm still very happy with the effort that I put forth ...

Total Mileage: 13.1 miles in 1:50:39
8:17 - felt tough, 4 more of these. UGH!
8:16 - Getting in the groove, but this is far from easy
8:11 - Finally, under 8:15
8:17 - last one and that was ALL I had left
9:09 - felt heavenly, but there is no shot that I can run 8:00's now
8:10 - very surprised with this time. I seriously expected an 8:30
8:14 - pushing ...
8:04 - dying ....
:44 (7:38 pace for .1) - STOPPED! I wanted to finish, but I couldn't AND when I saw my Garmin read 1:50:39, I was just done! My half split in San Diego was 1:50:21 ... so I stopped and decided that I put forth a good effort today since this was in a long run, not race!

Monday (TODAY): Tempo time, again! This is why my long runs are supposed to be on Saturday, not Sunday. I knew I didn't have 5 fast miles in me (7:45 8:15 7:45 8:15 7:45), so I just warmed up and tried for part of it.

9:40 - My coach is going to flip out on these, but I was just enjoying myself and letting my legs loosen up
7:51 - not quite a 7:45, but I think I may be able to run one more fast mile
8:05 - faster than the 8:15 on the schedule - SCORE!!!
9:07 - decided to rest for a mile
7:44 - picked it up to finish hard!

Felt very guilty at the end of this workout for detouring away from my schedule.

So, there you go ... a week in review!

Happy Monday!


  1. That's a lot of running! Great job on the long run yesterday, I think a few less quality miles is much more important.

    Definitely don't feel guily about changing it from today's schedule, you did awesome in that last mile, you can't run hard every day!