Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Little Mini Vacay Never Hurt Anyone

Besides the immediate week after San Diego, I cannot remember the last time I did not run for three days in a row. Three Full Days! After last week, I knew I needed a little bit of a break. Mentally, I wasn't as into it but mostly it was more for the physical aspect. I push my body hard. I like to run fast. I enjoy beating my assigned paces. So, it should be no surprise that the early morning runs as well as the heavy (UGH, but not as heavy as I'd like) mileage not to mention the Florida weather finally started to add up on my poor little legs. AND . . . let's not even mention that I've not been treating them too well. Ice baths? I haven't even thought of icing let alone taking a bath in ice since pre-San Diego. Stretching? I'm decent at it. Regardless, though, truth is, my legs are tiiight!

With a wedding to go to this weekend, in Charlotte NC, I decided that I'd take it easy. I planned on running a little ... but that just didn't seem to work out! I squeezed in a little bit of an upper body workout one morning and I danced my little butt off at the wedding, so that should come for something, right?!

I'm hoping to be back to my normal self soon! Even yesterday and today my runs didn't feel quite perfect! My legs are just tight. There isn't an easier way to put it ... they just need to be iced and stretched and they don't really want to run right now. I've had my fair share of talks with them ... and it seems as though they're finally listening ... or beginning to at least!

I ran a 3 mile tempo. It was supposed to be a four mile tempo, but I'll take it. One easy mile followed by a 8:02, 7:51, 7:46 and then two more easy miles.

This evening (because I slept through my alarm this morning), I met Nicole for an easy run. She had 5 on her schedule; I had 8. We met at 5:45PM and it was 93 degrees outside. Our goal was to keep it under an 8:50 pace.

I gladly compromised on the mileage (Tuesdays are supposed to be easy anyways, right) and we ran 5.5 miles. Much to my surprise, our pace was relatively fast especially considering the heat. 8:22 8:19 8:32 8:28 8:28 4:04 (8:12) pace. 5.5 miles in 46:16. Good run aside, my legs still ached!

I came home, made a recovery smoothie and headed downstairs to the gym to do a little core and upper body work! Then, I made eggs for dinner with an avocado. I typically eat a ton more but the smoothie filled me up and the boy is at a baseball game!!

Time to catch up on blogs, ice and enjoy a nice hot bath! :) Enjoy some pics from my weekend!!

My hair - the final product before makeup and getting dressed! :)

The bride, Diana, and me at the rehearsal dinner! Candy necklaces and all!

David and I at the rehearsal dinner. I had a super cute dress on that you can't see in these pictures ... UGH! Maybe I'll steal some pictures from some of the other girls! :)


  1. you looks absolutely stunning! sounds like this vacation has been a much needed break from the craziness of life :)

  2. Such pretty pictures, it seems you had lots of fun! I hope that the little break was exactly what you needed. Training for 2 marathons back to back seems like no easy task, a break is very well deserved.