Thursday, July 1, 2010

Wednesday Speed Sesh & June Totals

Track Workout this morning:
800 800 400 400 400 800 800 300

My times:
3:17 3:20 1:35 1:36 1:35 3:20 3:19 1:00

Basically, we got between 1:45 and 2:00 rest after 800's and 1:00 rest after the 400's. The lack of rest made the last few 800's a little tough, but they were still manageable! It was fun to stride out and run the 300 after the workout was finished!


Total Miles: 105.0 --> lowest mileage month of year besides January! January was VERY low (it was post NYC, moving to FL and just a little 4 week burn out phase that I went through).

* Ran 18/30 days (12 off days, but I ran a marathon this month and needed a few days off)! :)
* Raced 26.2 in 3:51
* Recovered from San Diego and am building a base for Apalachicola and really focusing on goal marathon pace miles in long runs!

January: 55.8
February: 107.1
March: 158.5
April: 160.4
May: 166.6
June: 105.0

Total: 753.4

Happy with the mileage, but looking forward to building off of San Diego AND getting close to that 200 mile per month mark :)


  1. you definitely are going strong with the mileage! and the speedwork. i soooooo need to get my butt over to a track soon

  2. Wow, you had some great mileage months!! Another fab track workout as usual :) Good luck in your 5k this weekend! With all the speed work you have been doing, you are going to kill it! Have a happy fourth!