Thursday, July 22, 2010

In a funk . . .

I've been going through a little bit of a funk the past week or so. I feel like every single run that I run is completely dictated by my schedule. Obviously, I run because I love to run but sometimes I forget that. When you have to wake up at 4:xx AM every single day during the week and run a prescribed workout before work (due to the heat and humidity ... and at best you're looking at 80 degrees w/80% humidity) . . . I don't know, it just starts adding up. On top of that, I meet people at certain times to run the above mentioned workouts. So, lately (this week in particular), I'm having trouble with it. I feel like a robot. I go to bed and set my alarm to meet runner friend(s) at 5:30AM to run 8 miles at x:xx pace. UGH!

Because of this, I find myself continuing to cut my run shorts and then I have to redo them the next day by myself which ironically typically goes even better. I think it goes better b/c I'm on my own time. It doesn't make a ton of difference if I run at 5:30 or 6:00 but just knowing that I don't have to rush through my morning routine puts me a little at ease. Also, knowing that others aren't depending on my pace ... puts me at ease. Not to mention ... that sometimes my easy pace doesn't feel so "easy" with others b/c I feel as though I'm keeping up! But, by myself, I'm not having to keep up.

Funny thing is ... this has happened to me before and I know it will pass soon! I'll probably be writing this post next month saying how dependent I am upon my running friends and how I cannot run alone for the life of me. I guess the key to getting out of a funk is to switch it up! I can't switch it up too much though because I have a redemption marathon in 90-something days! :)

Disclaimer: I love my running friends and am very grateful for them!!! They are the biggest reason why I love Tampa so much and why I never want to move! :) I've just had an off couple of days ... I'll be back to my normal self soon. Promise! :)

What do you do to get out of a funk ... especially when you have a marathon schedule to follow?


  1. Go read Chicrunner's most recent post ( If THAT won't break your funk and get you excited about running again, I don't know what will!

    I had a great long run Monday and a super challenging (but somehow enjoyable) hill workout on the treadmill last night - those two good runs were the kickstart I needed to go full force into week 3 of mary training. (NWM in October)

    Good luck - you're lucky to have such a strong and supportive group of running friends to help you through it!

  2. hope you get out of your funk! those things are never fun. i tend to look at everything as cyclical sooooo you will get out of this and your running will take off :)

  3. We have those funky times. I tend to try not to follow a too strict schedule because I start to feel that way and hate it. having running buddies is nice but sometimes you just want to run alone.

  4. Honestly, I don't know how you do it! Its good that you recognize the problems though and its definitely important to run both with other people to push you but also by yourself for mental toughness. I also think its important to go out at least once a week to just run for fun and not care about the distance, speed, etc. I am so guilty myself of getting too caught up in all of that. Good luck, you will feel better soon!
    I am going to email you about the weight question b/c its a long answer!

  5. I much prefer to run by myself for those exact reasons. I really like to just leave from my door.

  6. Major props on being able to recognize that, I think its really good that you have and can take some steps to get out of the funk before it gets too bad. I have honestly loved training by myself because I haven't felt overwhelmed since everything is on my terms. You also will probably find you get more sleep in just accomodating your schedule rather than those of others too.

  7. I know exactly what you mean about the schedule. As a single mom my schedule is dictated by work and daycare hours at the gym. I'd be psyched to be able to run outside in the morning!