Friday, July 2, 2010

Long Run Friday & No more FLABBY ab-bys :)

Hi friends, and happy Friday! :)

My long run for the week was 13 miles. It's supposed to be run tomorrow and consists of 8 easy miles along with 5 miles at 8:00! Well, I made a very impromptu decision to run a 5K tomorrow which meant that I needed to run long this morning. I did ... but switched it to an "easy" 13. Of course, I cleared this with my coach! His only requests . . . that I no longer run above an 8:59 pace, even if the schedule says "easy." Okay!

I met some other runner friends at 5AM this morning (which meant that my alarm went off at 3:50AM, but that's beside the point) and we took off. We did the usual long run loop around Davis Island with some miles on Bay Shore thrown in.

It was 77 degrees, with a breeze and 88% humidity!

I had on my trusty Garmin, but wasn't exactly sure of the mileage. It turns out that we ran a little extra .... Oops! Oh, and I've been wearing my heart rate monitor to track my progress even further! I'll notate my average heart rate per mile in parenthesis.

8:53 (134)
8:48 (144)
9:07 (143) --> Already a FAIL! But, we got behind a slow group for a while and had to make a pass. Besides, it always takes my legs a couple of miles to warm up, especially at 5AM.
8:51 (148)
8:48 (153)
8:53 (150)
8:55 (152)
8:51 (154)
8:54 (153)
8:50 (155)
8:43 (156)
8:44 (159)
8:21 (163)
2:44 (170)(7:48 pace) .35 miles

Total: - 13.35 miles: 1:57:26 (151)

It was so much fun to run a half marathon before work! I've felt so accomplished ALL day!


Okay, so I've not been happy with my abs for ... a while now. I go through phases where I hit my core pretty hard and then just stop! Ugh! So frustrating, especially living in Tampa. So, I've decided that I'm devoting July to my abs! Regardless, I will do core work! Even if just a little, I will spend time on my core daily!

I'm telling you ... so you can hold me accountable! I'm not going to go crazy about it - after all, I run a lot so my stomach is fairly flat ... but not defined! I still think twice before running in my sports bra! So, this month I'm devoting time to my abs so that by August I will have a little more self confidence when running in a sports bra! :)

July 1st - Two one minute planks with 30 seconds rest

I'm hoping for more today! :) Will keep you posted!

Happy Friday! :)


  1. Great job with the long run! I did mine this morning too! I am totally on board with your ab challenge, I am so neglectful of mine.

  2. great long run. awesome that you are getting fast and your coach wants you to push. sign of talent :)

    and wooooot ab challenge! i've been slacking on my core work the past week or so!

  3. Nice job on the long run, girl!! Those are impressive splits! And excellent ab workout...I am trying to be better about this also! Happy Wednesday!! :)