Wednesday, June 22, 2011

20 Weeks Until NYC . . .

For the next four weeks, I'm re-building my base. I never quite lost my base, but now I have a schedule and am not cutting my self any slack. No more saying "It doesn't really matter if you sleep in today," because it does. The truth is NYC is 20 weeks away. My plan is to run 38 miles, 39 miles, 38 miles, 42 miles for the next four weeks so that I can begin NYC training with a bang!!

I'm excited to have a schedule to follow again, though a little nervous. I'm trying something completely new this time and am writing my own schedule. I feel like I have a pretty good understanding of what I need to be successful. That, along with a lot of research and reading, should help me put together the perfect plan for NYC.

I'm trying something new this time around - Sunday long runs instead of Saturday. I'm not a stay up all night kind of girl on Friday's but I figured with moving to a new city and working full days on Fridays now, it will be good to cut myself a little slack on Saturday AM. That way, I can make plans for Friday nights, too! It's not like I have a group of people meeting me on Saturday mornings anymore :( I'll have to have all of my online friends help keep me accountable! That, and daily calls/emails to Penny :)

I joined the gym yesterday but I'm hoping for some sunshine today! It's been grey skies and raining since I moved to Louisville. I'd love a little blue skies. Please!!



  1. yay schedules :)

    and yay for friday nights. i <3 going out on fridays hahah

  2. You are going to kick my booty in NY :)

  3. Good luck in NYC! I wish I would have got in.