Thursday, February 10, 2011

PF Changs then Track?

I slept in yesterday morning! I've been pretty tired the past couple of weeks. I was looking forward to morning track on Wednesday, but after a few glasses of wine with a girlfriend on Tuesday night (I've gotta have a life, too:)), I decided to just sleep in and go to night track.

It worked out well, too because David had dinner plans with some people from work! Score! Or so I thought . . .

I've been trying to do lunch with a girlfriend from work for weeks now. We finally agreed on yesterday so I decided to still go and went to PF Changs. I knew I had six hours until track, but figured I'd be okay. We had the lettuce chicken wraps as an appetizer and then I had one of the lunch bowls as my entree: brown rice, grilled salmon and asparagus. It was delicious!

I think I chose all of the right foods - I just ate TOO much! I could have probably laid off of the lettuce wraps, but oh well! By 6:30PM, I was still stuffed!!

Somehow, I still managed to complete the workout:

10x400, 1600

Rest: 1:15 minutes in between

Goal times: 93 seconds for the 400's, 6:52 for the mile

I think the goal was to not push the 400's and for it to make the mile pace to feel slow and easy. 6:52 pace is 1:43 per lap (so we were able to slow down 10 seconds per lap).

My times:

90 91 90 92 91 91 92 91 90 91 6:47

The mile was tough and I seriously felt like a complete failure. I had nothing left and felt like I had given up but still managed a 6:47. I think that was the point. Had I continued my 400 pace, I would have run a 6:00-6:10 mile - which clearly, I did not. My stomach was so full and I had no appetite for about two hours after this workout!!


  1. Good workout and PF sounds good - now i am hungry.

  2. Nice workout!!! You shattered all your goal times, that's really awesome, 400s are hard!

  3. that is awesome! great job post-dinner - that wouldve been really hard.

  4. A complete failure?? You nailed every time! I love wine dates during the week :)