Thursday, February 24, 2011

14.667 Seconds

I'm a psychic. Literally! Okay, not really but I did predict yesterday's track workout before it happened.

The Gasparilla Distance Classic is huge in Tampa Bay Area and it's this weekend. There is a 5K, 8K, 15K and Half Marathon and thousands (probably 30,000+) come out to run at least one of the events!

Last year, on the Wednesday before Gasparilla, our track workout consistented of 6x800 w/1:30 rest in between.

I remember this workout like it was yesterday. It was cool and rainy and FUN!

Yesterday, our workout was exactly the same except it was hot and very humid!!

There were a few differences, though! Let's flashback, shall we!


3:34 3:25 3:26 3:23 3:28 3:27


3:13 3:13 3:15 3:13 3:15 3:06

Last year, I was supposed to run 3:28 pace. The goal was to keep the workout "easy" since we were all racing. This year, my normal group was supposed to run 3:15 pace, but he told me to run alone and run 3:20 pace since I was actually running the half! Well, I ran alone and ran by feel and 3:20 was just too awkward of a pace.

On average, my times this year were 14.667 seconds faster! This was for the SAME exact workout in worse weather conditions!

I didn't look at what I ran until after the workout. Of course, as soon as I got home and realized it ... I was beyond ecstatic. Woo Hoo. What a difference a year makes!!

Last year, I raced the 15K and ran a 1:13:55 (7:55 avg. pace, I believe)

This year, I'm racing the 1/2 marathon. We shall see what happens! Either way, I'm excited!!


  1. Good luck in your half!! And congrats on such amazing improvements in your times!! Hows the wedding planning going??

  2. HIZZAH for being faster! definitely something to be really REALLY excited about

  3. Nice! That's awesome to see your time improve by so much! Good luck on your half! :)

  4. Sweet workout! Have a great race!

  5. SO much improvement in the last year Jaime! You will do amazing this weekend, I can't wait to hear how it goes!!!

  6. Being in FL has made you SO speedy! Good luck with the half.

  7. Good luck on Sunday! I'm running it too -- but I'm pretty sure you'll be at home and showering before I finish (or at least on your way!).