Thursday, October 28, 2010

So, What's Next?

In case you missed my last post, check it out! It's probably not quite what you expected! If you haven't read, please do so and feel free to leave lots of love!! :)

So, what's next? There are several, or should I say lots, of different things going on in my mind! I don't really want to share too many of them with anyone since my biggest struggle is with the mental battle and the pressure I put on myself! So, while I still have big goals (and want to acheive them now), I don't want to lay them out there yet! Just know that I'm running and I'm smiling! :) You may not get goal posts or even know when a race is coming up . . . but you better believe that I'm still running and working hard! This girl doesn't give up that easily!

The best part about only running half of my race this past weekend ... I'm recovered! :)

Saturday - race

Sunday - 30 minutes of easy biking

Monday -5 mile easy run - 8:55 average pace

Tuesday - OFF

Wednesday - Track 400 400 400 1200 400 400 400 1200
98 96 99 4:55 98 97 95 4:45

Thursday - 7 mile easy run - 8:32 average pace


  1. i hope you consider my comment giving you love. i re-read what i wrote and i was like...hmmmm i hope she knows that i was bummed for you and the marathon but it was a great half.

    i'm glad youre smiling :)

  2. So jealous you are back at the track :) This post is exactly what running is all pressure just run :)Have a good weekend!

  3. So jealous that you are already running again! Keep up all the hard work! I am excited to see you again in a few weeks!

  4. Tough decision but it sounds like the right one. Save your legs for another day.

  5. Have fun and keep smiling. That's what it is all about. Taking some of the pressure off may be just what you need. Keep running strong! Your hard work will pay off.

  6. Just found your blog and I love it!! I agree with everyone else!! Save your legs and just have fun!!