Thursday, October 14, 2010

Keeping myself in check . . .

I have a confession! As my legs start recovering during the taper, I have this desire to run fast! I love the feeling of fresh legs .... but it is so hard to hold back.

My mileage has been low this week (and even last) but every mile that I've run has been goal marathon pace or faster! I don't know that that's a good thing! I guess it's good to learn what the pace feels like but I'm supposed to be running easy!!

This morning, I met up with some friends to run 6 easy miles. I finished in 49:58. My miles were something like: 8:35 8:30 8:25 8:19 8:14 7:44


I'm going to take tomorrow off and run 10 paced miles on Saturday! If this fast-er running continues into next week, I may have to cap myself at 3 and 4 milers!!


  1. I think its fine to run fast, especially since you are cutting your mileage. I have been running only fast this week, although I think its because I have SO much energy I can't help it!

    I get to see you in 8 days!!!

  2. i agree with stephanie that it's probably okay to run a bit fast. the important thing is to keep your legs from being worn down. good luck with the rest of the taper :)

  3. Jaime there is nothing wrong with running your taper runs a little fast so long as your cutting your mileage back by 60% of so. You still want some intensity, just less miles. Afterall, you don't want to get to the starting line on race day and have your body do a freak out because it has forgotten what faster running feels like. Don't feel bad about it. Nice running!!!

  4. I'm sure you will be okay. Lee is right on. You've cut your miles, so run on.