Monday, July 11, 2011

New York City: Week 3 of 20 "Quality vs. Quantity"

What a crazy week! My schedule continues to get more and more hectic. One more week of my 35 minute commute and boy am I happy about that! I love everything about where I'm living, but knowing that I'll be able to start running in the morning again makes me one happy girl! :) These lunch time runs are exhausting, not too mention I am hating the treadmill. Due to the 95 degree + heat (hello Summer in KY), I'm really having no other option.

My mileage was down this week and I was really hard on myself and upset that I didn't hit the 38 miles that I had wanted to. Instead of continually beating myself up, I made a vow to myself that I would make sure that they runs I was able to run were of quality!!

Here's how the week went:

Monday - OFF

Tuesday - 7 miles in 54:44

Wednesday - 5.2 miles in 41:20

Thursday - No run :( Ran out of time at lunch

Friday - 7 miles in 54:47

Saturday - 1 mile in 8:45 + 30 minutes of cross training

Sunday - 10 miles in 1:18:38

Total Mileage: 30.2 miles

It's still early and I'm hoping to INCREASE my mileage majorly ... but, all things considered, I'll take this week. I can tell I'm getting stronger :)


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  1. Don’t you worry about the mileage. In fact…sometimes those low mileage weeks are the best thing for you. I’ve actually done really well with lower mileage training (3 runs a week). The key, like you touched on, is making sure that the runs that you do are quality runs (aka bad-ass). The fact that you feel like you're getting stronger is the important thing.