Tuesday, July 5, 2011

NYC: Week 2 of 20 - Done.

This also marked week 2 of me getting my butt in the weight room. Like hard core weight room. I have three girlfriends at work that go to the gym everyday from 12-1 to lift. I've always wanted to add more lifting, but can never find anyone that can workout with my schedule. The lift, without break and with lots of reps! Just like I like it -My heart beats fast, my muscles get worn out and I leave feeling accomplished and all sweaty!

Funny enough, NYC training also started two weeks ago. With week one going almost as well as I could have imagined, it was only a matter of time before the lifting and running caught up with me. For this particular week, it was Friday.

Monday - OFF (running) - shoulders, bi's and tri's

Tuesday - 7.5 miles (dead garmin) + legs (thinks squats and lunges and leg press)

Wednesday - 7 miles in 58:18 + chest and back

Thursday - My own version of track - 4 miles worth of 4 minutes easy, 1 minute fast My easy pace averaged around 8:20 while my one minute sprints were all between 5:32-5:49 pace. This was a fun way to get some turnover without running crazy intervals on the track. Love track, but not solo track. Still working on that one. + more legs

Friday - Didn't get to leave in time to get my run finished before I met the ladies at the gym. Ran 1 mile (instead of 7); then lifted shoulders, bi's and tri's. David wanted wine after work and I couldn't resist :( On top of that, my legs were exhausted!! So, I took the rest of the day off.

Saturday - 3 miles in 25:02

Sunday - 11 miles in 1:38:49 (8:59 pace). Holy hills (mountains). We were at the lake house for the weekend. When my first two miles were 9:19 and 9:34, I quickly decided to turn my watch upside down and not look at it. My legs HURT. The hills were so tough. I decided to chalk up the pace and just try to reap the benefits of hill training! Somehow, I finished strong and it brought my average down.

Total - 33.5 miles (was supposed to be 39 miles)

I'll still call it a success. I even had a GREAT tempo run today to start off Week 3.

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  1. I bet all these hilly runs help you in NY! Congrats on having 2 weeks down!