Wednesday, November 9, 2011

New York City Marathon

I'm back from NYC and I'm back to reality. NYC proved to not disappoint - even with this being my second marathon there. I continue to be in love with Empire State and continue to be humbled by the marathon. It's definitely an unpredictable race because despite your training anything can happen. On Sunday, all of the stars aligned for me, and I ran a 3:43:36. A full recap will be posted soon. Until then, here are some pictures to enjoy!

Penny and I at the Finish Line the day before. It took us several hours to figure out that the finish line clock was the actual time of day :)

My race day outfit.

Views from the Ferry

More Views from the Ferry

Statue of Liberty - view from the Ferry

This seemed to be the trend all weekend :)

More to come!!!


  1. congrats jaime! i love your blog :) (found you via SR and Blue Eyed Runner!)


  2. Very impressive! And on only three weeks of training even! Just kidding of course; well done.

  3. Congrats on the PR. Well done.

  4. awww I had no idea you were running NYC!! I wish I would have been blogging and saw that, we could have met up! congrats on your race! I hope all is well, xoxo!

  5. Looking forward to your race report! Welcome back to blog-land :)